Interview: FNH USA

posted on February 5, 2015

With a heritage spanning more than a century, manufacturer FN Herstal is a titan in the gun community. FNH USA is now the sponsor of NRAFreestyle.TV’s newest exciting show I Am Forever. This series follows high school senior Reagan Tyler as she begins her journey to becoming a more accurate and skilled shooter athlete. We spoke with Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President of Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales and Marketing at FNH USA, to discuss its sponsorship, as well as the guns and gear featured in I Am Forever.  

SHARP: Tell us what it was about I Am Forever that made FN want to get involved. 

Ken Pfau: The NRA is a great partner and always on the forefront of identifying emerging markets like the millennial generation. The programming for I Am Forever, created for their new Freestyle Network, taps directly into that new audience and is a perfect fit for our brand. 

SHARP: What FN guns can we expect to see on the show? Tell us why you chose these for Reagan, a novice shooter but overall athlete. 

KP: Viewers can expect to see Reagan training with our FNS™ striker-fired pistols, including the full-size 4” model, the 5” longslide model and eventually, our brand-new FNS™ Compact. We’ve also equipped her with our FNX™-45, one of the softest recoiling .45 ACP polymer pistols on the market. We wanted to provide her with a broad spectrum of pistols that gave her an opportunity to train with different methods of operation, striker versus hammer-driven, as well as different calibers. Familiarity with the market’s most popular pistol styles is essential for both novice and experienced shooters alike. 

SHARP: What makes FN guns ideal for athletic shooters? Is it their weight? Accuracy? 

KP: All FN pistols offer features that are ideal for athletic shooters. Qualities like felt recoil, grip ergonomics, and ambidexterity impact ease of shooting and are standard in all of our pistol lines. Those qualities easily transfer from the athletic arena to home defense and personal carry. 

SHARP: Give us your argument for the best handgun caliber when it comes to athletic shooting. 

KP: When it comes to handgun calibers and athletic shooting, 9mm wins every time. The 9mm cartridge is an affordable caliber that offers versatility for practice, competition, personal and home defense.


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