Johnny Joey Jones Talks to Us From His Gun Room

posted on August 25, 2023

As Johnny Joey Jones sits in his gun room answering my questions all I can think is America needs to hear more from Jones!

And, of course, millions are. Anyone who watches FOX News even a little must have seen him filling in for one show host or another. He also hosts FOX Nation Outdoors on the network’s digital streaming service, FOX Nation. You’ll remember him as the now-retired U.S. Marine who suffered a life-changing injury in Afghanistan, resulting in the loss of both of his legs above the knee. But he doesn’t talk much about that; as he says, “I am blessed. So many others have not come back.”

Johnny also has a powerful and very readable book that just came out on his story and on those who helped him along the way. It is titled Unbroken Bonds of Battle: A Modern Warriors Book of Heroism, Patriotism, and Friendship. It is such an honest an authentic tale about a Marine’s journey in battle and life that, when reading it, I kept thinking of Phil Caputo’s classic Vietnam memoir A Rumor of War.

We knew we needed to speak with Johnny about the military, the media, of which he now plays a big part, and about the future of our civil rights, especially our right to keep and bear arms, but I was still surprised by his positive and penetrating perspective.

Watch this video and you’ll hear him take apart important topics with thoughts like: “What is a free country, if not a country where every citizen has the power to defend themselves? Aren’t guns also a weapon? Sure they are. But there’s a necessity for that weapon, as there are predators at home and abroad. And so now being a law-abiding, rights-exercising citizen connects so easily for me.”

I ask, “Some right now are at war with our history, our civil liberties, such as the Second Amendment—to the extent where they’re tearing down historical figures and historical ideas, and they’re even trying to tear down the shared idea of what individual liberty is. So, I’m wondering if you see that. If you do, what can we do about it?”

And Jones says, “What you can do about, is raise our kids. I mean, that’s the number one thing we can do about anything that’s bothering us right now is raise our kids. I had the chance to host a primetime hour of FOX News Channel last week and I got four monologues. Four opportunities to say what was most important to me. One of those four was to talk directly to fathers. And to tell dad, specifically the masculine person in a child’s life, to raise your kids. I’m not telling you how to do it, but I urge them to be a masculine figure in the household. It is men who teach boys how to regulate aggression.

It is for boys and girls to find their power. And then to regulate that and understand they don’t need to impose their will on anyone else.”

After this, he really digs into what so many need to hear and to understand. So enjoy and share this important interview.


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