Kamala Harris Says We Need Gun Control

posted on November 21, 2018

Leave it to a California politician to join the fray in calling for more gun control, even though we have seen that not one of the Golden State’s restrictions did anything to stop the shooting at Thousand Oaks. She tweeted her outrage about how the Congress needs to act now.

And why wouldn’t she. The liberals have a House majority now. Not that any bill the House passes stands much chance of getting through the Senate and being signed by President Donald Trump. But, hey, let’s all get on the anti-gun bandwagon, right Sen. Harris?

She cited the shooting in Parkland, Fla.—of course—as the main reason for her tweet. But she failed to mention that Marjory Stoneman Douglas is a gun-free zone. And the incident at the Borderline Bar & Grill in her home state? Well, the state outlawed guns there, too.

The one thing she and others of her ilk seem to be forgetting is this: Criminals don’t really care about the law. That’s what defines them as criminals.

But the Left—with its many adherents who never met a law they didn’t like—seem to overlook such things. Not that they pertain to them, anyway. How many anti-gunners have you seen with armed protection?

It seems like their whole purpose is to make it look like they’re doing something—anything, even though the actions aren’t well-thought-out at all.



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