No, You’re Not “Crazy” If You Worry About Gun Confiscation

posted on February 2, 2016

Many politicians, including President Barack Obama, like to make fun of us so-called “gun nuts” when we talk about government confiscation of privately owned firearms. The fact that we’ve seen it happen in Australia and England, and much closer to home in California and New York, seems irrelevant to gun-ban advocates.

“Nobody wants to take your guns,” they love to say derisively. Then they follow it with that funny little laugh.

That little laugh is likely because they know they aren’t telling the truth. Of course there are politicians who want to take guns from law-abiding Americans. For proof, look no further than a bill under consideration in Georgia.

With a complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental rights of Georgia residents, Democrat state Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver has introduced House Bill 731, which would ban commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and require their confiscation. Yes, you read that right—confiscation. Oliver and 15 female Democratic House members introduced HB 731 on the first day of the 2016 session.This measure would require seizure of these firearms by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  

In a nutshell, this legislation would ban the possession, sale, transport, distribution or use of certain firearms defined as “assault weapons” based entirely on cosmetic features. This legislation would also prohibit arbitrarily defined “large-capacity magazines” that typically come standard with all firearms, and would also ban .50-caliber cartridges. The failed 1994 Clinton Gun Ban already proved such a law wouldn’t affect crime or criminal behavior. What it would do in this case, however, is turn law-abiding Georgia gun owners into criminals.

Yet HB 731 goes even further than just banning so-called “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines.” And this is the part that puts the lie to the “Nobody wants to take your guns” repeaters. This measure would require seizure of these firearms by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Yep, you heard that right—government agents would be sent to the homes of those who own these guns to confiscate them.

This is the true intention of most anti-gun groups, even though they are hesitant to admit it—although lately some individuals who support confiscation have come out of the closet. Just last month Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah told an undercover journalist, “We should ban guns altogether.” A month earlier Phoebe Maltz Bovy, in an op-ed posted on the New Republic’s website, went even further, writing: “Ban guns. All guns. Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets, and, as much as possible, on police.”

Even the “Old Grey Lady” herself—none other than the once widely respected New York Times—has joined the clamor. Last December, the Times ran its first front-page editorial in 95 years (the last one was published in June 1920)—an op-ed that blatantly called for banning and confiscating currently legal firearms owned by law-abiding American citizens.

Next time you hear a politician or those gun-ban supporters in the so-called “mainstream” media say, “Nobody wants to take your guns,” you’ll know they are lying. Fact is, there are plenty of people who want to take our guns. They’ve even said so.

That’s why getting out the pro-gun vote in 2016 is so important. Making sure that the next resident of the White House isn’t a gun confiscation supporter should be the top priority of all gun owners between now and November.

Use Your Power!

Georgia gun owners are encouraged to contact Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver to let her know what they think of her plan to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. Contact information is: Capitol (404) 656-0265 District (404) 377-0485 Email [email protected]



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