NRA-ILA Launches Initiative to Stop Assault on Washingtonians’ Rights

posted on September 5, 2018

The NRA has launched a new informational website dedicated to stopping a Washington gun-control ballot initiative. comes loaded with the latest news headlines, tips and information available to help citizens of the state of Washington take the fight directly to the Legislature.

By voting “No” on I-1639, firearm owners, enthusiasts, and supporters of the Second Amendment across the political spectrum in the Evergreen state can stop the strange intent of this new initiative. The effort adopts a “bizarre” definition of a semi-automatic weapon, according to the site.

“Under this definition, many hunting guns, competitive shooting rifles, and target-shooting guns that match the current definition of ‘rifle’ under current Washington State law would all become ‘assault rifles,’” it said. Even rimfire rifles like the Ruger 10-22, Remington 597 or Marlin Model 60 are included in the law. Age-based gun purchases, storage requirements that make it difficult or impossible to use the firearm for self-defense, additional fees on sales and transfers of firearms, and a new “verification” process that ensures and enforces compliance are all in store for firearm owners statewide if the measure should pass.

The site also has a guide for download as well as a link to donate direct support to stopping the measure and ensuring Washington’s law-abiding citizens continue to enjoy the freedom of previous generations. Passionate voters can also sign up for email notifications and updates about important changes in the fight, as well as register to vote and volunteer.



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