Obama’s Disdain For The Second Amendment Never More Apparent Than Now

posted on December 21, 2015

Barack Obama’s silly mouthpiece, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, regularly says things that make ol’ Baghdad Bob look like the sincerest “information minister” in world history. Earnest is the propagandist who told the country earlier this year that his boss needed to exceed his constitutionally prescribed powers (once again) and unilaterally ban one of the most commonly used bullets in America because there is a new gun that fires the bullet and can be “easily concealed.” What gun is that?  He was referring to the AR-15 with the Sig Stabilizing Brace attached to it.  Since when did citizens exercising their God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights become “ironic and tragic?”

This is like the Wal-Mart PR shop saying that its stores need to add the annoying door-beeper-thingies to golf bags because they’re too easy for shoplifters to hide on their way out of the store. They aren’t. We all know they aren’t.  

The knowledge base regarding guns is a little different, though, and Joker Josh was hoping to prey on ignorance. The firearm Earnest is talking about is 27 inches long, weighs eight pounds and is about a foot from top of sights to bottom of magazine. Andre the Giant was one truly big dude, and not even he would be able to conceal these things unless he was wearing a rain poncho that looked like a three-man tent to the rest of us. Easily concealed?  

The blatant lies that this administration routinely tells make my blood boil. After almost seven years of constant fabrication, it is clear nothing that comes from the executive branch can be taken at face value.  

One of the more recent examples is all of the garbage associated with closing the “terror loophole.” Josh and the president would have the country believe that the 5 million men and women of the NRA want nothing more than to arm terrorists. The use of four-letter words here would be appropriate, but I will refrain. Such “stuff” is far beneath the dignity of the office.

The NRA simply has political courage and principles; of that, it is guilty to be sure. Liars don’t understand. The bottom line (and the president knows it) is that we in America do not deny citizens constitutional rights because their names are quietly added to some secret government list. They do that in other countries, and maybe this is the point: Obama seems to want us to become any country other than the exceptional one our predecessors have risked all to secure for us. The list in question is replete with errors, but that really isn’t the big issue here. If rights are denied, there must be due process involved. Due process is at the heart and soul of everything America stands for.  

I’m sure if we were talking about the denial of voting rights or taxpayer-funded welfare, housing, food and healthcare privileges for those on the Terrorist Watch List, the president and his loony allies in Congress like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would be raising hell. Since gun rights are what hang in the balance, they are all pushing this scam harder than Vince Offer pushes the ShamWow.  I believe it is perfectly appropriate and wonderful for Americans to buy more firearms at all times, but especially when it’s more apparent than ever that they are responsible for their own safety.

Obama and his comrades talk a good game when they say that all of their proposals to take guns from Americans don’t really violate anyone’s constitutional rights. For those who can’t think past the end of their nose, it has to be comforting to hear. For the rest of us, their disdain for the Second Amendment is always apparent—but they have definitely reached a new high point with regard to making it all mind-blowingly obvious.

After the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Americans did what Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason and the rest of the brilliant, spirited Founders always hoped they would when their cherished country and its countrymen were under attack—they ran to arm themselves pursuant to those rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. According to the FBI, Americans are buying firearms in record numbers. When asked about this recently at the White House, Not-So-Honest Earnest said that such behavior by the citizenry is “ironic and tragic.” Jefferson and the others are rolling in their graves.

Really? Are you kidding me? Even by the current administration’s obscene standards, this is taking things far too far. Since when did citizens exercising their God-given, constitutionally guaranteed rights become “ironic and tragic?” The president doesn’t even say this about those who exercise their First Amendment rights in a way that ultimately devolves into rioting and burning of entire neighborhoods (maybe his uncharacteristic silence has something to do with the fact that the rogue conduct is usually based upon lies perpetuated by the president himself).  

So the president has said time and time again that he supports the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. If he really does, why would he find it so ironic and tragic for people to actually exercise that right, especially at a time when it’s more apparent than ever that government is not going to be able to protect everyone from radical jihadists?  

Maybe he “supports” the Second Amendment like Gov. Cuomo does in New York. During a recent interview on MSNBC, Cuomo mentioned that none of his proposals violate the constitutionally protected gun rights of individual Americans in one breath; in the next, he talked about how much he appreciated past congressmen who worked to enact a prohibitively high tax on ammunition that would have made all guns in the country “worthless.” Yep, he sounds like a real proponent of firearms freedoms to me, just like he says. He’s right there with the president, for sure. 

The flat-out lying that goes on with office holders who are radical gun-control proponents should shock the conscience of the unaccustomed. It would be so much better in so many ways if they just said what they want in the end—an outright ban on the private possession of all arms. In other words, they strive for an omnipotent state. These spineless, political creatures simply have no integrity. They don’t even know what it is.  

I believe it is perfectly appropriate and wonderful for Americans to buy more firearms at all times, but especially when it’s more apparent than ever that they are responsible for their own safety. No matter how close to perfect law enforcement is, they just aren’t likely to be there when the attack comes. I like people who want to control their own destiny to the extent it can be controlled, using the best tools for the job they have available. It’s why I’ve carried a gun every day of my life for more than two decades. I feel good when others join me. FBI Director Comey and others are sounding the alarms. Lone wolf attackers in waiting are everywhere.

The president will say the majority is with him when it comes to his gun policy, but it is not.  New polling by ABC News/Washington Post shows that 53 percent of Americans oppose an “assault weapons” ban and 47 percent believe that encouraging more law-abiding citizens to carry guns in public is a more logical approach to stopping terrorism than enacting more gun controls. Only 42 percent stand with the president and Joker Josh on this latter question.  

What kind of government-is-the-answer-to-all-of-our-needs nut advocates for citizens to be more helpless at times like these? FBI Director Comey and others are sounding the alarms. Lone wolf attackers in waiting are everywhere. FBI investigative resources are stretched too thinly to keep up with it all. Comey says ISIS has “revolutionized” terrorism by “crowdsourcing,” regularly using encryption technology and encouraging frequent small-scale attacks. Significantly, these are precisely the sort of attacks a skilled, determined and armed citizen soldier can shut down instantly. The president would call such talk of resistance against evil “ironic and tragic,” I’m certain. 

What I think about when I hear the word “tragic” is his tenure in office. I suppose the only heartening aspect of it all is that it shows the remarkable resiliency of our great Republic. It is weathering the Obama storm and remains standing. Let us hope that it can make it through the next year, as it promises to be a long one. 

It is my hope that more Americans will take up arms and enhance their vigilance in the days ahead. To me, as an American who believes self-reliance is a cornerstone of true freedom, it is an appropriate and wonderful thing to contemplate.



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