Of Course Kamala is the Gun-Control Point Person

posted on August 31, 2023
Kamala caricature
Illustration: Gary Locke

Do you want to hear the bad news or the good news? The bad news is that Vice President Kamala Harris (D) has been appointed as the Biden administration’s “leading voice” in its ongoing fight for gun control. The good news is ... well, it’s that Kamala Harris has been appointed to be the Biden administration’s “leading voice” in its ongoing fight for gun control.

This is bad news because it confirms that the president of the United States remains committed to pursuing his brazenly unconstitutional gun-control agenda. If anything, Kamala Harris is more extreme on this question than is President Joe Biden (D). Harris favors all of the same laws—she wants to ban the most-commonly owned rifle in the United States, to prohibit standard-issue magazines, to impose “red flag” laws that run afoul of due process and to use the FBI to superintend all firearm transfers—but, unlike Joe Biden, Harris doesn’t even pay lip service to the U.S. Constitution while she’s trying to violate it. During the 2019 primaries, Harris argued that what she wished to achieve could be done without Congress. Asked to comment on Joe Biden’s assertion that there exists “no constitutional authority” that allows the president to issue an order to “eliminate assault weapons,” Harris laughed smugly and said, “Well, I mean, I would just say, ‘Hey, Joe, instead of saying no we can’t, let’s say yes we can!’”

Somewhere, James Madison rolled over.

Which, funnily enough, is where the good news starts. Many of the gun-control advocates in this White House are slyly dishonest and ruthlessly efficient. Kamala Harris is not. Per a recent NBC News poll, Harris’s approval rating is “the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history.” Why? Because Harris is an incompetent, ineloquent, cackling, authoritarian fool, that’s why. As a matter of course, Harris’ pronouncements are not merely politically unconvincing, they are unintelligible. “It is time for us to do what we have been doing,” she said in 2021, “and that time is every day.” Such rhetoric is typical. “We must together—work together,” she told a crowd recently, “to see where we are, where we are headed, where we are going and our vision for where we should be, but also see it as a moment to, yes, together, address the challenges and to work on the opportunities that are presented by this moment.”

Okay then.

As for Harris’ job performance? It is no overstatement to suggest that she has failed at every role she’s been given. Prior to her appointment as the administration’s spokesperson on gun control, Harris was tasked with heading up the White House’s response to the southern border. For the first three months, Harris didn’t bother to visit the border once. After she had, the United States suffered the worst illegal-immigration crisis in its history. Heckuva job, Kamala.

Harris persuades nobody. She inspires nobody. She moves nothing concrete in her direction. There is no doubt that the Biden administration represents a threat to the Second Amendment, and that, in consequence, it ought to be watched like a hawk. But I can think of nobody worse to lead its fight than Kamala Harris—an amateurish extremist who is incapable of hiding her radicalism, who struggles to conceal her contempt for gun owners and their traditions and who has a bad habit of announcing aloud that she intends to violate the Constitution in every way imaginable.

If we are to have an administration that is hostile toward the right to keep and bear arms, Kamala Harris is the best champion we could wish for. She’s at least open about what she wants to do—and what she wants to do ain’t pretty.



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