On the Road Again? Get the 2021 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States

posted on March 11, 2021

It’s wise for gun owners to have the most-current version of the Traveler’s Guide to Firearm Laws of the Fifty States by J. Scott Kappas in their vehicles.

You can always check the most-current gun laws on the NRA-ILA website, of course; however, though the internet is readily available for most of us living in the U.S. today via smartphones, we shouldn’t rely on them being available at all times. Extreme weather, large-scale emergencies like wildfires and even solar flares can knock out internet access, as can just rambling far enough into a national park. Internet or no internet, gun owners must always be prepared the navigate the rat’s maze of state laws pertaining to legal firearms and ammunition transportation.

The Traveler’s Guide to Firearm Laws of the Fifty States also covers Mexico and Canada, so you have gun-law information anywhere you’re likely to take your vehicle. A lawyer keeps this guide up to date with each new edition, but don’t worry—its 68 pages are written in plain English and the changes in laws from year to year are noted in an easy-to-read format. The guide also ranks each state on a scale of 0 for “total prohibition” to 100 for “total freedom,” making it easy to tell at a glance which states are most friendly to your Second Amendment rights.

You’ll find the guidebook for $14.95 at gunlawguide.com.



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