Pennsylvania Homeowner Fatally Shoots Bat-Wielding Invader

posted on September 12, 2017

The Lower Paxton Township (Pa.) Police spent the better part of Sunday piecing together the sequence of a fatal shooting.

At 6 a.m., officers received a 911 call from a man who said someone was trying to kill him. While en route, more calls came in—one saying a man was beating someone with a baseball bat, and another that the bat-wielding suspect was attempting to break into a nearby house. This time, shots had been fired.

Investigators discovered an elderly woman who had been assaulted, then the suspect just a few houses up the street. The homeowner had shot the assailant in the abdomen after he tried to force his way into the home, and though the suspect was rushed to a hospital, he later died. Police now believe the entire incident may have started as a domestic dispute between the suspect and a resident of the home where the attacks first began.


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