President’s Column | Biden And Harris Have Declared War On Your Freedoms. Re-elect Donald Trump!

at President, NRA posted on September 22, 2020
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On November 3, millions of Americans will exercise their constitutional right to vote for their candidate for president of the United States in possibly the most consequential election of modern times. Most certainly for the Second Amendment. It is therefore critical that every NRA member ensures that they have a plan to vote—whether in person at the polling place or in advance by absentee ballot. You have my deepest appreciation for your active patriotism, and may God keep you safe and healthy as you participate in the electoral process.

In 2016, law-abiding firearm owners overwhelmingly selected the candidate they believed would protect their freedoms. There is no dispute that NRA members and like-minded Americans made the difference in that election by sending a loud and clear message about preserving their gun rights. And President Trump has kept his promises to safeguard our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. That is why he received our full-throated endorsement again this year.

With President Trump’s leadership, misguided gun-free zones have been removed from federal land, ensuring law-abiding gun owners have the right to defend themselves and others. His administration also expanded access to public lands for American hunters and sportsmen, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, President Trump stood firm in support of our right to self-defense by declaring gun stores essential businesses in our states and neighborhoods. But perhaps the most long-lasting legacy of this president will be his transformation of the federal judiciary.  President Trump has appointed judges and justices who respect our Second Amendment rights and understand the words, “…shall not be infringed.”

It is clear that the president has earned our votes again, and the stakes are even higher in 2020. We’ve reached a time when candidates no longer disguise their intentions to destroy America’s freedoms; now they proudly wear anti-gun agendas on their sleeves. Joe Biden has openly declared war on your freedoms, and you can be assured he will waste no time scheming to convert millions into instant felons simply by outlawing certain legally owned firearms. Biden promised to make gun-grabbing former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke his point man on gun control. Now he has chosen a fervently anti-gun campaign mate in California radical Sen. Kamala Harris. During her failed presidential candidacy, Harris publicly announced plans to take unilateral executive action to ban guns that she doesn’t like.

As vice president she would be one heartbeat away from the highest office in the land, and this should alarm every gun owner, especially women who have chosen to exercise their right to own a firearm for personal protection. For my entire life I have fought the agendas of these so-called pro-women activists who are doing more harm than good for women. Instead of empowering them, they aim to weaken them. The exponential rise in women NRA members, the increasing millions of new gun owners—many of them women—and the tens of thousands of new female CCW permit holders tell the true story. The real women’s movement of 2020 lies within the NRA, and the irony of Harris’s selection cannot be understated.

That is why we must rally again—just as we did in 2016—to elect pro-gun candidates at all levels of government who will work to sustain your Second Amendment freedoms. We cannot afford to let voter apathy creep in. In the days leading to the election, we need to ensure that the massive 2A awakening that has occurred recently, now manifesting in millions of new gun owners this year, is carried with purpose into the voting booth.

We have been asking that you step in and mentor these new gun owners, and direct them to NRA Instructors who can set them on the right course of safe and lawful gun ownership. We’ve asked that you encourage them to join NRA, the only organization in the history of our nation that has a proven track record of preserving their rights to own that new firearm.  

Our next task in this sprint to Election Day is to urgently share with both new and seasoned gun owners just what is at stake: the freedom to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This freedom is enshrined in our cherished Second Amendment and fiercely protected by your NRA. But make no mistake, all our constitutional rights are on the line this fall. Share our NRA identity with all gun owners—encourage them to volunteer in the lead-up to November and make sure they vote! Imbue them with a sense of urgency. Freedom really would be in jeopardy in a Biden/Harris administration.

Here’s the good news: NRA identity isn’t merely held by members of this association, but is in fact firmly rooted in American culture and our DNA. That is why I believe that there truly is a silent majority in this country. It is up to us to make sure that enough of our like-minded friends and family members show up at the polls. We can preserve our freedom only by standing together on November 3 and re-electing Donald J. Trump for president. I am counting on you!


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