Quick Thinking Saves Lives—Recognizing An NRA Hero

posted on October 7, 2021

Suzanne Freehauf poses with course participants.

As we continue recognizing the achievements of the NRA and its members over the past 150 years, I want to share the heroic deeds of one NRA Training Counselor. Faced with a dire emergency during one of her courses, Suzanne Freehauf remained calm and acted quickly to save the life of her student, David Asmuth, who was experiencing a severe medical situation.

This past May, David was attending Suzanne’s CCW Instructor class. Toward the end of the otherwise normal eight-hour course, he noticed a slight twitch in his left eye and on the left side of his mouth. Thinking it may have been the effects of caffeine, David went to his car to grab a bottle of water. Little did he know that a blood vessel in the front right temporal lobe of his brain had swelled, putting pressure on the surrounding tissue. Moments later, when Suzanne came to check on him, the blood vessel had burst. David was undergoing a full-blown stroke and going into seizures.

Recalling her training, Suzanne took swift action. She instructed her students to call 911, meet the ambulance at the front gate, secure the immediate area and render aid and comfort to David. Suzanne took command of the situation and coordinated the entire rescue. Since this occurred at an NRA course, her students had received instruction on how to handle emergencies, which aided in the smooth rescue.

As David was evacuated to the hospital, Suzanne secured his firearms and vehicle, reassuring him via text message that his personal property was safe. After his three-day hospital stay, she arranged for David’s transportation home, also staying in contact with him during his recovery. Suzanne assured David that he would be able to retake the practical test, which was the only portion of the class he had not completed. Two months later, David passed the NRA CCW Instructor test, which was administered by Suzanne at his home range in a neighboring state.

Suzanne’s immediate response saved David’s life, and, after two months of recovery, he has regained 100-percent functionality. He says that he owes a great debt to Suzanne, attributing his rapid recovery to her quick analysis of the situation and fast action. David also mentions her unwavering support for the NRA and the Second Amendment.

“In my opinion, Suzanne Freehauf embodies the spirit, mindset and action for which the NRA is renowned. She is committed to the preservation of the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans and fosters the promotion of firearms safety, marksmanship and education.”

Serving as an NRA Training Counselor since 2017, Suzanne is certified in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Basic Shotgun, Basic Rifle and Refuse To Be A Victim. She is also a competitive shooter, participating in action shooting and local pistol matches, along with sporting clays leagues. With the belief that learning is a lifelong endeavor, her company, Lady Fire LLC, provides training for shooters in a non-threatening environment.

Suzanne’s love of shooting led her to share that passion with others. She states on her website, “There is nothing more rewarding to me than turning a nervous, inexperienced shooter into someone who realizes that ‘they can do it.’ I want all my students to leave happy and confident about firearms. And I believe that confidence translates into all areas of life.”

Suzanne is a shining example of the elite caliber of NRA instructors and counselors we have in our ranks. The knowledge and skills they possess are a benefit to the ever-growing population of gun owners in this country. That is why America’s firearm owners know they can trust the NRA to provide the very best in gun safety and instruction. Thank you, Suzanne, for your continued dedication to the Second Amendment, the shooting sports and firearm education.

Find NRA training and education courses at firearmtraining.nra.org, and visit Suzanne Freehauf’s website at ladyfirellc.com.


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