SHOT Show 2018: Day 1’s New Guns

posted on January 23, 2018
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As expected. there is no shortage of noteworthy new guns on display as the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show that opened Tuesday in Las Vegas. While it’s tough to narrow down the list to real standouts, here are some exceptional newcomers we just had to share with readers.

SIG Sauer P365

Has the SIG Sauer P365 cracked the code for what the company terms a “high-capacity, micro-compact”—or, in other words, a seemingly impossible blend of size (18 ozs./5.8”x4.3”x1”) and firepower (10+1 9 mms) of great interest to concealed-carry practitioners? Though a bit bigger than some micros, the 365 is still a natural for carrying in ankle holsters or in a pocket, and its ergonomics are way better than most. Even those with average-sized-man hands will find it very manageable thanks to the pistol’s high grip-to-bore axis, minus any concerns about running one’s shooting hand too close to the muzzle. Shooters with smaller hands will think it was designed just for them. Included are standard night sights; a smooth, consistent trigger akin to SIG’s 320; and striker-fired operation. SIG says the concealable new micro is “allowing you to carry more, everyday … (you knew this was coming) … 365 days a year.” Current MSRP on the P365 is $599. 

Glock 19X

Some folks—including Glock—are calling the new 19X 9 mm pistol a “crossover,” meaning that its full-size frame (think G17), paired with a downsized slide (like the G19’s), makes it capable for carry, duty or home-defense applications, with the shooting performance reasonably expected of a bigger platform. The dimensions support that notion: While the new Glock is a trim 7.4 in. long, its substantial height is nearly 5.5 in., and the loaded weight is a middle-of-the-road 31.4 ozs. Carry and concealment issues aside, that translates to a pleasing, high-handed grip that optimizes the gun’s smooth trigger pull and speedy shot-to-shot recovery. Ambidextrous slide stop levers and a magazine drop button smartly located for thumbing add to the 19X’s versatility. Minimalist CCW fans won’t like the size, and there’s no arguing that the proportions make it kind of an oddball on the Glock family tree. But the intuitive operation might make up for all that if hits on target are one’s priority. It comes with one 17-round and two 17+2 magazines, MSRP for the G19X is $749.

Mossberg 590M Mag Fed

For defenders who want quicker reload capability in a 12-ga. shotgun, the Mossberg 590M Mag Fed comes with a 10-round detachable double-stack magazine; with optional 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-round-capacity magazines sold as accessories. In this tactical upgrade to the proven 590 pump gun, integral stabilizing ribs engage notches engineered into the receiver to ensure positive magazine lock-up. A steel, heated-treated magazine release button and housing are positioned in front of the trigger guard for fast, ambidextrous unload/reload. Familiar 590 features like dual extractors, heavy-walled barrel and intuitive, tang-mounted safety are present. The center-of-gravity mag placement makes for great balance, thus aiding the shooter’s control and swing. For now there are two variants, both designed for 2-3/4 in. shells only, the base model 590 M with an MSRP of $721 and the 590M Tri-Rail fitted with dual side rails, choke tubes and a ghost-ring sight, MSPR $801.

Springfield Armory 10 mm Operator

Springfield Armory’s elite M1911 Operator is now available in 10 mm. Two new 10mm TRP Operators—one with a 5 in. barrel, plus a longslide 6 in. bull barrel model—harness the 10 mm cartridge’s enhanced downrange energy in a hefty package that handles recoil well and shoots accurately. The Operator 10's forged steel frames and slides are coated in a highly corrosion-resistant Black-T finish and precision-fitted to Match Grade stainless barrels with fully supported ramps. Accessory rails allow attachment of lights and lasers, but standard equipment brings a set of 3-dot tritium nightsights, featuring a tactical-rack rear in the 5 in. version, and fully adjustable rear in the 6 in. model. G10 VZ Grips, along with an ambidextrous safety and SA Gen 2 Speed Trigger with a 4.5- to 5-pound pull, deliver custom-grade performance. A heavier slide/barrel combination with an optimized recoil spring softens the 10 mm recoil.  Shipping with two 8-round magazines, the 5 in. 10 mm Operator has an MSRP of $1,790, while the 6 in. version is pegged at $1,842.




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