SIG Sauer Introduces 365 Ammunition

posted on May 8, 2018

Most shooters understand the importance of training with what you carry when it comes to both the ammunition and the gun. Well, SIG Sauer is making that a no-brainer with its introduction of SIG 365 Elite Performance Ammunition in 115-grain 9 mm SIG V-Crown and SIG FMJ loads.

The ammunition incorporates low-flash, clean-burning powders that are designed to provide maximum performance and shootablity in concealed-carry handguns with short barrels, such as SIG’s own P365, an everyday carry gun that offers more ammunition capacity than its competitors, thanks to a proprietary magazine design.

With both full metal jacket (here) and jacketed hollow point (above) styles, SIG Sauer's 365 ammunition lets you get the same feel and response during practice that you'd get if you were shooting in a defensive situation.

More importantly, one of the objectives is designed the paired options is that both the FMJ round, which most people choose for practice because of the cost differential, and the jacketed hollow point (JHP) are engineered to shoot the same—same velocity, same recoil and same point of impact. Other than the bullet design, everything else is the same. The FMJ and JHP are loaded on the same machines. They use the same brass and are loaded to the same pressure specifications.

“We use clean-burning powders that are consumed before the projectile leaves the barrel, resulting in optimal muzzle velocity and muzzle energy,” said Bud Fini, Executive Vice President of the SIG Sauer Ammunition Division and Special Projects. “SIG 365 FMJ ammunition is an affordable, high-performance training load, while the award-winning SIG V-Crown stacked hollow-point ammunition is exceptionally effective for personal defense, delivering outstanding accuracy, reliable uniform expansion and maximum terminal performance.”

Muzzle velocity for both loads is 1,050 feet per second (f.p.s.) from the P365, which has a 3.1-inch barrel. The muzzle energy is 282 foot-pounds. The MSRP is $18.95 for 50 rounds of the FMJ and $20.95 for 20 rounds of the V-Crown.


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