SIG Wins Deal to Supply Orlando Police

posted on March 2, 2019

The SIG Sauer Virtus Rifle will be more common in middle Florida now that the Orlando Police Department has selected it as part of its standard-issue equipment across its 700-member force.

 It isn’t the first time SIG has supplied arms to the Orlando police, as the department’s handgun of choice is the SIG P226.

 “SIG has a strong partnership with the Orlando Police Department that began with their adoption of the SIG P226 and has now extended to the SIG Virtus rifle,” according to Tom Jankiewicz, executive vice president of law enforcement sales for SIG. “The Virtus is a significant upgrade to their existing platform, bringing the latest in rifle technology that will enhance their capabilities, improve accuracy and allow them to become more expeditious in their response.”

 The Virtus is a modular rifle built to the specs of the military’s Special Forces units. It offers AR-style, ambidextrous components and can take a suppressor.


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