Sitka Whitetail Clothing Fits Your Needs and Your Body

posted on January 8, 2018

It’s after Christmas, and if you didn’t get the hunting attire you wanted or needed, it’s time to check out Sitka Gear, which offers clothing that goes beyond good looks and fit—it also keeps you warm and fills niches to put an end to most of the niggling complaints you might have if you’ve been in wet, wintry weather for too long.

The gear I tested was designed for early season whitetail hunting, so it will help you get a jump start on being outfitted well for the upcoming season. And though the products come from two separate lines, there’s no harm in mixing. After all, Sitka Gear products are set up to be put together or used as part of a layering system when the winter bite is harshest.

Start with the Equinox Pants, available for men and women. The material is durable, yet lightweight and flexible, designed to survive jaunts through briar patches. So, I put it to the test, walking through the brambling undergrowth of the West Virginia mountains. While a previous pair of hunting outerwear from another manufacturer ended up with snags after one outdoor use, the Equinox Pants held their own. Besides that, the sartorial design for both genders means you’ll be a lot more comfortable when you’re sitting in a stand.

The Equinox Glove is offered in both men’s and women’s styles, though the two styles are vastly different. The women’s version is a nylon and synthetic suede offering that is touted as a technical shooting glove, while the men’s is constructed on merino wool and likely provides more warmth. While I wouldn’t rely on these alone for the colder climes, they do allow for good trigger and overall gun control, thanks to the lack of bulk and good grip they offer.

A second line of Sitka Gear includes the Fanatic products. A Women’s Fanatic Hoody and Women’s Fanatic Beanie are two new offerings. Since you lose most of your body heat through your head, a good hat is vital, and the Fanatic Beanie fits the bill. It’s made of Berber fleece, so it’s lightweight and close-fitting, thus you don’t have to worry about getting caught by low-lying branches very much. But more than that, it features a Gore Windstopper laminate that adds an extra layer of protection. Women with long hair can take advantage of the ponytail port and a stretchy, air-permeable band keeps the back of your neck and ears covered, without cutting in to your hearing capability. The Fanatic Hoody includes a sleek cut of the hood, so you still have your peripheral vision. And  a built-in facemask provides added concealment and an extra touch of warmth.

For a detailed review of more Sitka Gear products, including the Big Game options, one of our hunting writers really put the clothing to the test.



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