Standing Guard | Anti-Gun, Anti-Justice Politicians Are Encouraging Violent Crime

posted on February 22, 2022
Wayne LaPierre

When Joe Biden campaigned for president, he promised to “lead a national effort to eliminate cash bail.” This decidedly radical idea has languished only on the fringes of far-left circles for years, but Biden was determined to take it mainstream.

Now, he’s made good on that promise. With the FBI reporting an unprecedented rise in violent crime—including assault, robbery, rape and murder—the Biden White House announced a national strategy initiative that includes a “whole-of-government approach” to end cash bail.

Think about that.

Over a dozen of our nation’s largest cities broke their annual homicide records last year. Law-abiding Americans across the country are living in fear like never before. And the response from Biden and his fellow anti-gun, anti-justice counterparts, is to immediately put arrested, violent criminals back on the streets.

This isn’t just soft on crime. This is do nothing on crime.

This isn’t just revolving-door justice. This is no justice.

You don’t need to be a professional criminologist to predict how the insanity of no-cash bail plays out.

All of America was horrified last November when a man intentionally plowed an SUV into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis., killing six innocent people and wounding more than 60 others. But the horror turned to outrage when we learned that the driver of that SUV was a career criminal who, just weeks earlier, had been arrested for beating a woman and trying to run her over with this vehicle.

You don’t need to be a criminologist to predict how the insanity of no-cash bail plays out.

Why was he back on the streets so soon? Because, despite his long and violent criminal history, his bail was set at only $1,000.

Last December, in the Times Square subway station in New York, a man viciously stabbed a fellow passenger eight times. The victim barely survived, and that is thanks to the good work of first responders.

Once again, shock turned to anger when it was discovered that this homicidal monster had been arrested not once, but twice, just months prior for violent assault. He was arrested for stabbing a stranger in a Dunkin’ Donuts and was released without posting bail. Months later, he was arrested for stabbing a kitchen worker in a restaurant, and again was released without posting bail.

The sister of the subway victim put it best, and I daresay she speaks for every decent, rational, law-abiding American in the country: “He stabbed two people prior and they let him out,” she said. “And now my brother, he could have died behind this. My brother could have died behind their negligence. I don’t think it’s fair that you want to wait for the third person... in order to say, ‘Let’s lock him up and keep him in now.’”

Last summer, in Sacramento, Calif., a career criminal who had been in and out of jail for a string of violent felonies was arrested for stealing a car. Despite his long and dangerous rap sheet, he was released back on the streets, thanks to the state’s no-cash bail policy.

Just months later he was arrested again—this time for raping and murdering a 61-year-old woman, killing her two dogs and burning down her home.

“None of these appalling crimes would likely have occurred had this person been behind bars where he belonged,” said Vern Pierson, president of the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA).

You’ve heard me say this before. When you take criminals off the street, crime goes down. When you fail to do that, crime goes up. It isn’t rocket science!

And yet, as our nation continues to suffer a historic violent crime wave, the same politicians who want to strip you and me of our Second Amendment rights and leave us defenseless are going out of their way to keep violent criminals out of jail and on the streets.

It’s insane. It’s immoral. It’s unjust.

This election year, you and I have an opportunity and a duty to end this lawlessness and restore sanity to America’s criminal justice system. Namely, by replacing every anti-gun, anti-justice politician at every level of government, with good men and women who will defend our freedom and put criminals behind bars where they belong!



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