Steven Crowder Video Shows Gun Control “Common Sense” ... Ain’t So Common

posted on September 2, 2016
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We’ve all seen the “man on the street” interviews where someone asks people about U.S. history and finds that what many Americans consider common knowledge isn’t so common.

Comedian Steven Crowder recently released an undercover video in which he pretended to be an activist with the (nonexistent) “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform” and found that what most gun owners would consider common knowledge about firearms is frightfully uncommon. 

Standing before a table arrayed with a handful of handguns and seven long guns—some furnished with traditional brown wood stocks and others outfitted with black plastic “tactical” accoutrements, all disabled and locked together chain-gang style with a locking cable—Crowder asked passersby what they thought of the firearms and the laws that regulate their sale, possession and use. 

The purpose, Crowder said, was “to see what people know, or don’t know, about firearms and just how far they’re willing to give over the reins to the federal government as far as legislation based on that knowledge.” 

If their answers don’t convince you of the urgent need to make your voice heard in this year’s elections, nothing will.

As Crowder explained to viewers of his video, thanks to the relentless fear-mongering by the press and the political class, “Nobody really wants those scary ‘assault weapons’ on the streets, right? But what do those terms actually mean, legally, and more importantly, what do the people voting think they mean?” 

So Crowder asked them: “Give us a sliding scale of what you think it should be OK to own, versus what’s unreasonable. What would be fine, versus what the government should step in and ban?”

And one by one, those people—who admitted that they didn’t own guns, had never fired a gun, or never would own a gun—peered down at the firearms laid out on Crowder’s table as if they were looking at cobras in the zoo, or test tubes teeming with deadly Ebola virus, and offered their sage wisdom on firearm technology and what should be banned, based solely upon what the guns looked like, or the size of their cartridges, or the color of their stocks.

And Crowder egged them on, just as the liars of the anti-gun lobby do, with deceptive terminology—“fully semi-automatic”—and outright lies: “Something like, I think, what is it, 98 percent of mass shootings use the AR-15?”It’s easy to laugh, but this is no joke. Americans who don’t own firearms—and know nothing about them—could constitute a majority on Election Day.

To make sure viewers of the video weren’t deceived, Crowder cautioned, “‘Fully semi-automatic’ is a very stupid, made-up term (by me).” 

Nonetheless, many of the people in his video, who hated firearms or didn’t understand them, ate it up, happy to have their false beliefs “confirmed.”

Meanwhile, to show the irony of what the people believed versus the truth, Crowder scrolled text across the video to give the actual, if unspectacular, facts:

  • “Rifles of all kinds only account for about 3 percent of all criminal firearm deaths.”

  • “Rifle murders have actually declined since the expiration of the Clinton assault weapons ban.”

  • “Studies have found no link to the Clinton assault weapons ban and a reduction in crime.”

Watch the video for yourself. 

While it’s easy to laugh at the clueless people Crowder lampoons with his phony “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform,” you also need to remember: 

The so-called “mainstream” media report that only about one in three Americans owns a firearm. If true, that means that two-thirds of the U.S. population—enough to win a landslide presidential victory—is frighteningly vulnerable to the anti-gun lies of the media and political elites. 

That’s exactly what Hillary Clinton, and too many of her fellow Democrats, are banking on in this year’s elections. 

So watch Steven Crowder’s video. But when you’re finished laughing, remember it’s no joke. 

If our God-given individual right to own a firearm to protect ourselves and our families is to survive past Election Day, every one of us needs to go out, reach out to non-gun-owning voters, let them know exactly how we feel and why—and keep Clinton out of the White House.


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