The Armed Citizen® April 26, 2024

posted on April 26, 2024
The Armed Citizen

Like a scene out of a scary movie, a brave mother and her three children hid in a closet that had been designated as the family’s “safe room” as a knife-wielding man broke into their Carroll County, Miss., home Jan. 22. According to reports, the 44-year-old man attempted to kick down the front door but was unsuccessful, so he drove his pickup truck into the dining room. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband notified county deputies of the developing situation from his work, providing a description of the vehicle (reports are unclear on how he knew the situation remotely). When police arrived, they discovered that the armed intruder had already left the scene—but not before the mother shot him in the arm when he, still wielding the knife, discovered them in the closet. It was also reported that other deputies responding to the scene found a vehicle matching the description given by the husband. (, Carroll County, Miss., 1/23/24)

A homeowner in Houma, La., heard unusual noises downstairs around 5 a.m. on Feb. 20. As he started down the stairs to investigate, he was confronted by a man in the home; the armed citizen fired at the man, striking him in the forehead, but the suspect was able to flee. Investigators reviewed video and other evidence at the scene and were able to locate the alleged intruder at his own home, but as they approached that residence, a woman armed with a handgun came out. Both the suspected home intruder and the armed woman were apprehended without incident; the male suspect was out on parole and his wounds turned out to be superficial. Both suspects are facing burglary and other charges. (, New Orleans, La., 2/20/24)


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