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posted on March 29, 2017

During the latter part of the 19th century, Atlanta was known as the “Chicago of the South.” But unlike Chicago, crime rates in Atlanta have taken a nosedive of late—from 2001 to 2009, crime dropped 40 percent, only to fall another 27 percent from 2009 to 2016. In a city that has historically struggled to control its levels of criminal activity, this news brought a strong sense of relief—but fortunately, the nine armed citizens described in the accounts below were wise enough not to let their guard down. 

An armed robber entered Cachet Fine Jewelry in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, drew a gun, and ordered an employee to “put all the jewelry in the bag.” One of the employees responded to the threat by drawing a gun and firing at the robber, striking him in the neck. The robber attempted to flee the scene but collapsed nearby and was later pronounced dead. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 07/06/16) 

A man was heading to his Dekalb County, Ga., home for lunch when a phone call alerted him to a break-in at his property. When the man arrived home, he went to a back door where he spotted three burglars; prompting him to call 911. While making the call, the three criminals started running towards the homeowner. The homeowner responded by drawing a gun and firing at the burglars, striking one and causing the other two to flee. When police arrived they detained the wounded criminal, whose injuries are considered non-life-threatening. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 12/16/13) 

A group of shoppers was waiting outside Wish clothing store in Atlanta, Ga., in order to purchase a new model of $180 Lebron James sneakers, when a man drew a gun and attempted to rob them. One of the customers, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, responded to the threat by drawing his own gun and firing at the criminal, killing him. A customer who witnessed the shooting said of the armed citizen, “He really stood up for all of us.” Police have made clear that they will not press charges against the Right-to-Carry permit holder. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 06/23/13, NBC News, 06/24/13) 

A homeowner in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Ga., was awakened by the sound of an intruder forcing his way in through a side door. After an initial investigation revealed the intruder to be downstairs, the homeowner retrieved a shotgun and went to the top of his stairs. As the criminal attempted to ascend the staircase, the homeowner warned him that he was armed and ordered him to leave. When the home invader refused to leave, the homeowner fired a warning shot into the floor. Still undeterred, the criminal moved toward the homeowner, who responded by opening fire on the intruder, striking him in the leg. When police arrived the criminal was taken to a local hospital and listed as in stable condition. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 10/27/11)

Just after 6 p.m., three armed criminals entered the West End Tattoo parlor in Atlanta, Ga., and attempted to rob the owner. The owner retrieved a 9 mm pistol and fired at the criminals, killing one and causing the others to flee. Police do not plan to charge the owner. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 06/16/10) 

Around 8 p.m. two armed robbers entered a Metro PCS cell phone store in Forest Park, Ga. The armed men attempted to rob the store, when one of two workers on duty retrieved his gun. The armed robbers and the armed worker exchanged fire, resulting in one of the robbers being shot and the other robber fleeing the scene. The injured robber later died from his wounds at a local hospital. Forest Park Police Major Chris Matson said that the shooting appeared to be self-defense and that the worker does not face any charges. The incident was caught on the store’s surveillance camera, which the police are using to track down the other suspect. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 12/16/08) 

When an intruder broke down Robert Jenkins' door, he seemed to doubt Jenkins' marksmanship. "When he saw me, he said, ‘Give me that gun,'" the 81-year-old Jenkins said. "Then he lunged at me, so I shot him." But police say the incident didn't end there. While Jenkins' wife called 911, the intruder again dove at Jenkins, striking him in the head and chest. Jenkins fired his .38-caliber pistol a second time, killing the intruder. "If it happened again, I'd do the same thing, but I hope I don't have to," Jenkins said. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 03/22/08) 

When Ronald Johnson of DeKalb County, Ga., drove home last Thursday night with his wife and two young children, he was surprised to find two men waiting for him near the bottom of his driveway. When the two men attempted to rob him at gunpoint, Johnson reacted quickly to defend his family, using his own handgun to shoot one suspect fatally and drive away the other. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 12/07/07) 

Gloria Turner remembers firing with one hand and dialing 911 with the other. Turner and her husband, Bobby Doster, had owned their grocery store for eight years and, although they were prepared for the worst, they did not expect it. But one evening, while the Turners were stocking their shelves, two teens walked in and demanded money. Turner recounts, "I was about to give it to them when the first guy said, 'You're not moving fast enough' and pulls out a gun." The robber aimed at Doster and fired, missing him. When their attackers' gun jammed, the couple had enough time to retreat behind the counter and grab their own guns. A gun battle erupted in the store. When it was over, both robbers were dead. Sheriff Mike Smith said that the store owners would not be charged, adding that, "People have a right to protect their lives and their property." (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., 01/26/05)


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