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posted on July 5, 2017

Whether riding a bus, waiting for a bus, working in a bus station or just living near a school bus barn, bad things can happen when criminals enter the scene. Here are five examples of armed citizens who made those bad situations better.

A 23-year-old Right-to-Carry permit holder was waiting for a bus after work when a trio of armed men attempted to rob him. One of the thieves put their hands inside the permit holder’s pocket and stole $220. The permit holder responded to the robbery by drawing a gun and firing at the criminals, striking two and causing all to flee. The two wounded robbers were captured by police while seeking medical attention at a nearby hospital. The permit holder obtained his Right-to-Carry permit mere weeks before his harrowing encounter. Speaking with a local media outlet, the permit holder’s brother noted, “I believe you should have the right to protect yourself from any danger … We should be able to walk and go where we want freely and not be in fear of our life. That's why I believe your CPL is protecting you from any danger you may come across.” (FOX 2 Detroit, Detroit, Mich., 10/19/15)

Henry Hankston III was in what police believe was a PCP induced rage when he assaulted and carjacked a man in Houston, Texas. After gaining control of the car, Hankston crashed into another driver, sped off, and then crashed into three more vehicles at the next intersection. Hankston then exited the vehicle and turned his attention to a nearby Metro bus, which he attempted to carjack. As Hankston scuffled with the bus driver, a Right-to-Carry permit holder idling behind the bus noticed the altercation. The permit holder retrieved his gun and pulled Hankston off the bus driver. When Hankston attacked the permit holder, the armed citizen shot Hankston, ending the rampage. Hankston was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive to face a litany of charges. Police have made it clear that the Right-to-Carry permit holder will not be charged. (KHOU, Houston, Texas, 04/20/10, KTRK, Houston, Texas, 04/21/10)

An Orem, Utah, man nearly had his ticket punched when he attempted to rob a Greyhound bus station. The man handed the clerk at the station a note demanding money. The clerk, who has a CCW permit, drew a gun and held the would-be robber at gunpoint until authorities arrived. The suspect was charged with attempted robbery and public intoxication. (The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, 09/12/03)

Ottis Spigelmyer, manager of a Reading, Pa., bus terminal, was working at his desk when the barrel of a sawed-off shotgun was stuck in his face by one of three armed robbers. Spigelmyer pleaded with the man not to hurt anyone and agreed to give him money, but instead retrieved his own revolver and fired, mortally wounding the shotgun-wielding crook. Spigelmyer, who has a concealed carry permit, also fired at the other two robbers, who ran for their lives. Authorities said the shooting was justified. (The Times, Reading, Pa., 10/13/95)

When a neighbor called to tell him that a gang of young thieves was stealing gas from school buses near his Tarrant, Ala., home, Bill Arnold didn't think about his heart condition. He grabbed a .45-cal. pistol and ran to the bus lot, where he apprehended the five thieves. A school board representative praised Arnold, saying, "It's one thing to call the police, it's another to actually apprehend the people in the middle of the night to save community property." (The News, Birmingham, Ala., 7/10/81)


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