The Armed Citizen® May 31, 2024

posted on May 31, 2024
The Armed Citizen

A 44-year-old man allegedly attempted to force his way into a home in Mount Vernon, Ill., the afternoon of Feb. 19. The homeowner called police and shot at the suspect, who received only very minor wounds and refused medical treatment when police arrived. An investigation revealed that the suspect had likely attempted entry into two other dwellings in the area as well. The Jefferson County Sheriff told reporters, “This event is a reminder (of) how many times our citizens are their own first responders to protect themselves and their families. Anyone curious about the legal ability to defend oneself, or others, from potential violence can research the Illinois Use of Force Laws, which are divided into three categories: Defense of Persons, Dwelling and Property.” (, Mount Vernon, Ill., 2/20/24)

An unknown man allegedly walked into an unlocked home in Statesville, N.C., while the homeowner and his 7-year-old son were making dinner. The man reportedly claimed he was owed money, but the homeowner told him he had no idea what he was talking about and told the stranger to leave “dozens of times.” However, the suspect reportedly then attacked the homeowner, who defended himself and his son by firing his gun. “I hate that it came to this,” the homeowner told reporters. “He seemed to have every option to leave my house, but then he attacked me. With just me and my son in the house, we had to survive that situation.” The suspect was transported to the hospital, but his condition was not known, and the incident was still under investigation at the time of reporting. (, Charlotte, N.C., 3/8/24)


Doug Hamlin, Executive Vice President & CEO
Doug Hamlin, Executive Vice President & CEO

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