The Armed Citizen® May 8, 2024

posted on May 8, 2024
The Armed Citizen

An armed homeowner in Marysville, Wash., arrived home, only to have to fight it out with three armed suspects minutes later. Early in the morning on Sunday, Feb. 4, a stolen vehicle loaded with three armed individuals pulled up to the house, confronting the homeowner just after he arrived. A gunfight broke out, and the homeowner escaped unscathed, while the three suspects fled on foot. One man was arrested nearby and was found to be suffering from a gunshot wound. Police were still searching for the other two suspects.(, Marysville, Wash., 2/4/24)

During the afternoon of Feb. 19, a homeowner in Denison, Texas, called police to report that an unknown man had forced his way into the home, brandishing a hammer. The homeowner said he attempted to get the man to leave, but the alleged intruder struck him with the hammer, at which point the homeowner shot him. The suspect was flown to the hospital in critical but stable condition. The case remained under investigation. (, Sherman, Texas, 2/20/24)

A man was waiting at a Philadelphia, Pa., auto repair shop with his 12-year-old son on Feb. 6 when he heard several gunshots. People scattered in various directions and the man lost track of his son; when he found him, the boy was bleeding from the head. The man saw the assailant, so he drew his own gun and fired. Reports indicate the target of the attack was a 43-year-old mechanic, who suffered a bullet wound in his back; the boy who was caught in the crossfire fortunately suffered only a graze wound and was able to be quickly treated and released. Investigators recovered a gun but had not apprehended the suspect at the time of reporting. (, Philadelphia, Pa., 2/7/24)


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Supreme Court

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