The Armed Citizen® | Motorcycles Part 1: Bad Guys On Bikes

posted on June 14, 2017

With so many motorcyclists in the United States—according to World Atlas, there were 8.4 million registered motorcycles in 2013—there are bound to be some bad apples. Fortunately, however, the best defense against bikers turned bad is the same as for other criminals—a lawfully owned firearm in capable hands.   

Tim Welby was putting tools away when he noticed his back door was suspiciously ajar. According to authorities, he found several signs of burglary and was missing a firearm. "As far as I know, there's an armed person inside my house, so I go and grab my .357 out of my nightstand," Welby explained. That's when he heard noises coming from the garage apartment where his stepson, Tristan Pierce, resides. In the apartment, he encountered a man wearing a motorcycle helmet. Thinking it might be his stepson, he called out, "Tristan?" Silence followed, until the helmeted man said, "Please, sir." When Welby knew the man wasn't Tristan, he pointed the gun at him and said, "You move, I've got a biohazard on my hands." Hearing the commotion, several neighbors came out of their homes with guns ready to help. One of them called 911 and the intruder was arrested without incident. (The Gabber, Gulfport, Fla., 7/12/07)

Hearing a motorcycle engine start in the garage of his Fisher's Landing, Wash., home at 1:49 a.m., Shawn McAndrews investigated. He found three intruders, one of whom pointed a pistol at him. McAndrews retrieved a rifle, and, when the gunman failed to drop his weapon, fired, killing him. The two accomplices fled the scene. (The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash., 11/20/04)

A motorcycle gang member returned with a confederate to a Bronx, N.Y., grocery he had robbed only 15 minutes earlier and seized owner Martin Rienso's niece at knifepoint. His accomplice, who was carrying a gun, approached Rienso but was grabbed by an employee and a struggle ensued. When the thug broke free, Rienso drew a licensed .45 cal. automatic and shot and killed him. The girl's captor released her and fled but was arrested later. (Gannett Newspapers, Westchester, N.Y., 5/9/83)

Roy Marvin, Jr., became suspicious when two men parked their motorcycle in front of his Muncie, Ind., residence and proceeded to a nearby gas station on foot. When Marvin observed one of the men enter the station through a window and open the station's overhead door to let in the other intruder, he went into the house and obtained his shotgun. As the men were returning to the cycle from the station, one ran when he saw Marvin's shotgun. The other stood meekly until police arrived. It was later learned that the captured thug was already under a suspended sentence for robbery. (The Star, Muncie, Ind., 1/1/64)

When a motorcycle gang of about 25 surrounded the home of Tony Palmer of Cleveland, Ohio, and threatened those inside, Mrs. Palmer grabbed a .22 rifle and fired 11 shots through windows at tires. Her hits stranded seven of the intruders, who were arrested by police. (Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio, 12/1/69)


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