The NRA has All the Resources You Need to Learn to Shoot Safely

posted on April 15, 2020
Photo: NRA Staff

The NRA is a premier leader in firearm safety and education. If you’re a new gun owner, or if you want to introduce someone to this right, start with Also, check out the NRA’s Guide for New Shooters.

Next, check out the NRA-created videos on safety, proper gun handling and more on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check out our video “NRA Mentor – Gun Safety,” as it simply and clearly goes through the rules for real gun safety.

Gun-control groups love to use the phrase “gun safety,” as they know “gun control” is not popular, but the truth is the NRA has long been the leader in real gun safety. The NRA’s Rules of Gun Safety, which include, “Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot,” can be found at

In fact, all NRA members should mention this on their social media; also, every time you see the phrase “gun safety” used as if it is a synonym in the media for “gun control,” put links in the comment section of the article to Also do this when you see people erroneously using this phrase on social media.

This is an important correction because the safety of new gun owners is at stake. People really do need to learn how to carry, handle, shoot and store firearms safely. They are unlikely to get good advice in this area from the mainstream media, and certainly not from anti-gun advocates, but they can get the best advice there is from the professionals at the NRA.

This is especially important at this time when gun sales have surged during this national crisis. It is hard to estimate how many new gun owners there are now across this great nation. All of them need actual gun-safety advice. This is why mentoring from NRA members is critical, as many Americans have simply never handled a firearm, let alone been introduced to the shooting sports by a friend, family member or colleague.

To help people get the most out of their freedom, it is critical for new gun owners to have safe, comfortable and controlled experiences on the range. This is why mentoring is so important. Also, for those who don’t know a gun owner who can take them to a range, or who just want more advanced instruction, the NRA has certified instructors and other many resources. These can be found at


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