The President’s Latest Double Standard On Guns

posted on February 5, 2016

In an interesting twist pointed out by AWR Hawkins on, President Barack Obama is willing to blame Islamic extremist attacks on only a small minority of Muslims, yet he is more than happy to penalize all law-abiding gun owners for criminal acts committed by a tiny minority of them.

At Tuesday’s address to the Islamic Society of Baltimore, Obama told those gathered: “As Muslim Americans … your entire community so often is targeted or blamed for the violent acts of a very few.” That’s an interesting statement, coming from the same president who, each time a high-profile shooting occurs, proposes legislation that would negatively affect law-abiding gun owners—not violent criminals.

We’ll be diligently watching for Obama to next say: “As law-abiding gun owners … your entire community so often is targeted or blamed for the violent acts of a very few.” But we won’t be holding our breath.


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gun wrapped in red tape

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