Two More Sheriffs Oppose Maine Ballot Initiative

posted on September 23, 2016

Two more county sheriffs have announced their opposition to Maine Question 3—the anti-gun ballot initiative that outlaws common gun transfers.

Aroostook County Sheriff Darrell Crandall, a 30-year Maine law enforcement veteran, posted his opposition on Facebook: “I studied the language of this initiative some time ago when it was first released,” Crandall said. “It is a mess and reaches way too far. It would needlessly damage hundreds of years of tradition and would do nothing to make us safer. If this was law right now I would have been in violation three times this month and close to a dozen times this year alone.”

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant agrees, saying in a news release: “If we want a law that addresses criminals and others that should not be in possession of firearms, let’s craft a bill that addresses those issues, and not create a hardship at the expense of all the good citizens in our state who are law-abiding hunters, sportsmen, protectors of property and responsible gun owners. I cannot support Question 3.”

To learn more about Question 3, visit


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