University Of North Texas Police Offer Calm Take On Campus Carry

posted on September 21, 2017

The passage of campus carry in Texas has led to plenty of hysteria at places like the University of Texas at Austin. But up in Denton, police for the University of North Texas (UNT) don’t think it has changed campus life.

“We have had no incidents since the law passed, or since the law went into effect, of criminal acts by License to Carry holders,” UNT Chief of Police Ed Reynolds told the North Texas Daily. “We have had cases that involved weapons on campus, but the individuals that were carrying were not License to Carry holders.” Campus carry has been on the books in Texas for a full year at this point.

“People were uneasy about this change, but that was far beyond our control as a committee,” Reynolds said of the task force responsible for drawing up university policies in response to the new law. “So what we had to do was spend a lot of time educating the university committee as a whole.” He said that he had heard few complaints since the law went into effect.




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