Vadasz Wins 10th Straight NRA National Police Shooting Championships

posted on December 30, 2019

U.S. Border Patrol Senior Agent Robert Vadasz won his 10th consecutive title as the overall champion of the 57th NRA National Police Shooting Championships.

The championships, hosted by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, were held at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy range in Pearl, Miss.

Vadasz, a member of the Border Patrol’s National Pistol Team, has been competitively shooting for 19 years, and this win is his 11th in the last 12 years. He finished this year’s competition with 26 more bullseyes than any other competitor.

For Vadasz, there is no downtime. “It’s just the way I’m built. It’s the same reason why I don’t keep any trophies at home, because if you look back on past accomplishments it’s easier to revel in those than push for the next challenge. I’m going to keep pushing,” Vadasz said.

The Border Patrol National Pistol Team has a highly decorated history with hundreds of shooting championships under its belt.

The 2020 National Police Shooting Championships will be held from Sept. 21 to Sept. 23, 2020. The three-day competition tests the marksmanship skills of law-enforcement professionals from agencies of all levels in the United States and around the globe as well as members of the military.


shooter at outdoor range
shooter at outdoor range

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