Wayne LaPierre Says NRA is Alive, Standing Tall and Still Fighting

posted on May 12, 2018

The NRA, now with 6 million members, is energized and ready to stand and fight, Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said during the NRA’s Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas.

 “What a great day to celebrate the freedoms and the values that we all hold dear. I can’t tell you how terrific it is to see all of you here today,” LaPierre, speaking to a packed house May 5 at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, opened to applause. “The fact that all of you are here means you must have missed the news. Really, I mean half of you heard, the NRA’s in big trouble. We’re finished. We’re on the run. We’re losing.”

Building steam, LaPierre reported to the crowd how the leftist, gun-hating anti-Second Amendment elitists in the media and political classes have spun a narrative blaming the NRA and its members for each mass shooting.

“They’re so eager to dance on NRA’s grave that they can see straight enough to recognize the undeniable truth that’s right before their eyes. They can’t see all of you; millions of good-hearted, patriotic people, just like you, all over the United States of America who are members of the National Rifle Association of America,” he said.

Gun owners and Second Amendment right advocates are demonized and excoriated as the reason behind the choices of madmen, while victims are exploited for the purpose of political commentary and punditry.

LaPierre ended on a high note, calling for firearm owners and Second Amendment supporters to use their voices to continue to fight for our God-given rights. “You know, God bless the good citizens of this country. And I promise you this, the political elites and those media power centers will not shut us up; the voice of real Americans will not be silenced. We will be heard, and by God you better believe the voices of America’s good guys with guns will be heard,” he said to roaring applause.

To hear his impassioned speech, click here.



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