Ways To Carry

posted on December 28, 2019

Inside the Waistband: The Time-Tested Classic
The concealed-carry gold standard is inside-the-waistband (IWB) on the strong side. When the holster rides inside of pants, shorts or skirts, most of the gun hiding is automatic; only the grip needs to be shielded by a cover garment. It’s easy to conceal large guns, and, by carrying both your firearm and holster IWB, you are afforded a little extra peace of mind that you won’t lose your firearm. The holsters from Mitch Rosen are an excellent option if you, like me, prefer IWB carry. Made primarily from high-quality leather, their holsters ride snug to the body without putting you in an overly uncomfortable position. After all, you’re likely to spend many hours carrying and this makes a difference. (mitchrosen.com)

Appendix: The New Quick-Access Position
Those of us with a few extra pounds around the waist can still carry in the appendix position. It just requires the right gear and adherence to rigorous safety procedures. In return for your commitment, you may experience benefits of better gun concealment, excellent security and a faster draw. Placing your firearm in that 12 to 2 o’clock position puts it square in your work area. It’s also easier to swipe a cover garment away because you don’t need to reach across your entire body with your support hand. The Tulster Kydex IWB/AIWB Profile Holster uses a single belt clip configured for a high-ride position. That’s because the gun height relative to the belt line makes all the difference for successful appendix-area carry. You’ll find these holsters available for a wide variety of handguns, some including common lights and lasers, and in an assortment of nifty finishes. (tulster.com)

Ankle: Ideal for Sitting and Backup Carry
If you sit or drive for extended periods, ankle carry is worthy of consideration. It’s also an outstanding way to carry a smaller backup handgun. Given the location and potential for aggressive movement, like running, choosing a quality holster is job one if you care about keeping your firearm attached to your leg. Enter the Galco Ankle Glove. Its thick neoprene band lined with sheepskin provides comfort and insulates your handgun from moisture. The perfectly boned leather pouch is custom-molded for supported handguns. The reinforced thumb break ensures that your gun stays with you. If your lifestyle is vigorous, get the optional calf strap. This ensures that the holster remains at the proper position above the ankle. (galcogunleather.com)

Undershirt: Ultra Concealment
If you need total concealment, consider undershirt carry. Make no mistake: access to your firearm is slower and more difficult as you have to dig through a barrier of clothes and buttons. On the other hand, you may work in an environment where carrying a firearm is frowned upon. Is deep concealment ideal? No, but it is better than not carrying. Button-up shirts from Propper offer comfort and quality in addition to their tactical design. A false-button front allows for easy access to a concealed firearm, and dual magnetic chest pockets are great for concealed storage. These pockets on either side are identical, so it’s ambidextrous. An opposite-side pocket works great for spare magazines or anything else you want to carry. (propper.com)

Handbag: Easy access off the body 
For some women, dress codes or other factors make finding a routine, established method of concealed carry difficult. Fortunately, a number of companies recognized the need for a consitent carry method and have designed handbags for the occasion, such as those from GTM Original (previously known as Gun Tote’n’ Mamas). Their designs feature bags with sleek pockets for concealing firearms while offering quick access. (gtmoriginal.com)

Pocket: Convenience Redefined
Two of the most important functions of holsters are to protect the trigger from unplanned movement and to keep your gun oriented for quick access. A pocket holster needs to do one more thing—remain in your pocket when you draw. Pointing a firearm with a pocket holster stuck on the end isn’t the most effective deterrence strategy. The DeSantis Nemesis uses a textured and “sticky” exterior to grab the interior of the pocket. The smooth interior ensures that the gun comes out easily while the holster remains in the pocket. (desantisholster.com)

Backpack: When You Have to Carry Off-Body
I often carry a camera and computer case for outdoor activities, and it sure is handy to tote a firearm in the same package. Backpacks from Grey Ghost Gear are phenomenal. Their Griff Pack model is designed for accessibility. Featuring multiple well-designed compartments, the front pocket features elastic loops perfect for securely holding extra magazines. The back compartment is perfect for whatever you need to store, be it a laptop or a firearm. Each side of the rear compartment features pass-through doors that allow you to draw your concealed handgun while the pack is still on your back. (greyghostgear.com)

Shoulder Rig: Vehicle and Chair Warriors

If you grew up watching cop shows, then you’re familiar with the classic shoulder holster. Reminiscent of a minimalist backpack, the setup hangs your handgun under the support side arm and spare magazines under the firing side. Obviously, you must wear a blazer or jacket or some sort of concealment. Shoulder holsters rely on the upper body to support the weight of the gun and spare magazines, so carry is effortless. If you spend a lot of time seated or driving, it’s easy to access your gun. On the other hand, you’ll need to wear more clothing and pay extra attention to muzzle discipline during the draw. The Galco Miami Classic II is a first-rate example. When adjusted properly, you probably won’t even need the belt tie-down straps. A new Galco model, the Parabellum, combines leather and Kydex to reduce weight and bulk. (galcogunleather.com)

Corset: Gun Security with Wardrobe Flexibility
Designed by a mom who found that toting toddlers on the hip is incompatible with traditional waist carry, this system places the handgun in an area that women instinctively protect, according to Anna Taylor, founder of Dene Adams. Above-the-hip positioning allows flexibility in wardrobe selection and deep concealment while keeping the gun high enough to remain clear of daily movements. The corset system offers some similarities to a bellyband setup, but the shapewear design draws the handgun and other accessories in tight to the body, aiding both security and concealment. The system offers excellent trigger protection, but if you want more, order the optional Kydex insert. That lace on some corset models isn’t just for looks—it helps disguise its true nature in the event of accidental exposure. (deneadams.com)

Outside the Waistband: Easy Access When You Can
Fall and winter bring cool air and the opportunity to wear more clothes. This opens up carry possibilities. With even a light jacket or blazer, strong-side outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry becomes a viable option. There are countless OWB holsters on the market and many of them are solid options. The Safariland 578 GLS (Grip Lock System) Pro-Fit holster is one. It adjusts to fit over 225 different firearms. I normally don’t go for one-size-fits-all solutions, but this one works. It’s easy to adjust and rock-solid when you’re done. Better yet, it offers what’s arguably the best and fastest retention system on the market. Positive retention is a feature I want when carrying OWB. When you draw, your middle finger releases the latch as you assume a firing grip. (safariland.com)



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