Whittington Center Announces New Dates For Founder’s/Donor Appreciation Weekend

posted on June 24, 2021

Due to the rescheduling of the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, now taking place September 3-5 in Houston, Texas, the Whittington Center has moved its Founder’s/Donor Appreciation Weekend to September 16-19, 2021. This annual meeting of NRA Whittington Center members, donors and supporters promises to provide a weekend that is both entertaining and educational.

Among other things, this year’s celebration will honor the 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe trail. Vastly important to the history of the region, the Trail was a 19th century route through the old West, actually connecting Santa Fe, New Mexico with far-off Franklin, Missouri. Initially pioneered by one William Becknell, in 1821, the route served as a vital commercial artery until 1880, when the railroad arrived and took its place. As part of the Founder’s/Donor Appreciation event, the Whittington Center will even feature several wagons that traveled the Santa Fe Trail. These will be on display adjacent to the trail where it crosses Whittington Center property.

Michael Martin Murphey
Country music star Michael Martin Murphey will provide Saturday night’s entertainment.

Saturday night’s entertainment will be handled by Michael Martin Murphey. An artist of 50 years’ experience with a wide-ranging background, Murphey has topped the Pop, Country, Western and Bluegrass charts throughout various eras. A Texas native, Murphey is best known for his hits “Wildfire,” “Carolina In the Pines,” “What’s Forever For,” “Long Line of Love,” and many more across 35 existing albums. Beyond his own career as a performing artist, Murphey has found success further afield, having his songs recorded by The Monkees, Kenny Rogers, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Tracy Byrd, Dolly Parton and many others.

Robbie Roberts
The event is dedicated to Robbie Roberts, the late curator of collections at Whittington.

Sunday evening will wrap up with a Patriot member dinner featuring guest speaker Phil Schreier, the senior curator of NRA Museums. A 32-year veteran of the museum, and an absolute wealth of historical and firearm knowledge, Mr. Schreier regularly presents the museum’s programs and exhibits to a national audience, both in person and on the air. Attendees can be sure of an enthralling address to accompany their table fare.

The entire celebration is dedicated to Robbie Roberts, the late curator of collections. Mr. Roberts spent 20 years at Whittington, and previously held the positions of program director and deputy executive director, among many others, before his passing in March.

Whether one’s taste is history, music, firearm knowledge and good food, or all of the above, this is a weekend no one will want to miss. For more information, visit the events page at nrawc.org, or call (575) 445-3615.



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