Why the Gun-Control Crowd Loathes John Lott

posted on February 15, 2023

The gun-control groups find the research from John Lott, founder and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, so inconvenient to their ambitions that they’ve spent years doing all they can to disparage, delegitimize and cancel him.

So we thought we’d ask him about it.

In this interview, he explains why gun-control groups, and so many in today’s mainstream media, call him a “debunked researcher” and “gun-rights advocate,” as if he’s an activist, not a serious economist and researcher.

Lott then explains why the data he digs up scares gun-control groups so much—hint: the truth pulls the fake floor out of their entire agenda.

Lott then gives the details on his latest research on concealed-carry and he details surprising numbers on how often armed citizens actually stop bad guys.


Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.
Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.

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