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Monday, February 29, 2016

Armed Citizen Stops Dog Attack

A Jackson, Mich., man used a firearm to protect himself from an aggressive dog last Tuesday morning.

According to police repots, two pit bulls wandered onto the man’s property and advanced toward a woman there. One of the dogs latched onto the woman’s clothing, but she was able to break free and escape.

When the man who lived at the property tried to run the dogs off, one of the dogs advanced aggressively toward him, prompting him to shoot the dog. According to mlive.com, police say the man was within his rights to protect himself, and the dog owner will face misdemeanor charges for the loose animals.

Antis Silent On New CDC Findings

Gun-ban advocates who spend an inordinate amount of time complaining that the Centers for Disease Control isn’t allowed to do slanted anti-gun research to bolster their bogus claims are strangely silent on some recent CDC findings.

As Michael Strickland of thegatewaypundit.com pointed out over the weekend, a newly-released report on the causes of death in the United States showed that gun-related homicide doesn’t even crack the top 15, falling far behind heart disease, cancer, accidents, even flu and pneumonia. 

Strickland also points out the fallacy of anti-gun groups in their cry, “Do it for the children!” For kids age 0-14, the leading causes of death are accidents—but not gun accidents. In fact, accidental shootings resulted in 69 deaths in children 0-14 during the period studies, while drowning accounted for 625. To accentuate that point, Strickland wrote: “I’m waiting anxiously for the new, grassroots Moms For Water Safety group to form.”

Illinois Experiences Big Jump In Gun Purchases

Illinois residents bought more than 60,000 guns last December, setting a new record for the most guns sold in a month in the state. 

In fact, last June, August and November all posted records for those months, according to Illinois State Police. For all of 2015, the Illinois State Police conducted 418,000 background checks on gun purchases in the state. 

Interestingly, December 2015 was also a banner year for gun sales throughout the United States, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation performing 3.3 million background checks that month.

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