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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Hampshire “Permitless” Carry Bill Faces Senate Vote This Week

New Hampshire’s 24-member Senate meets Thursday for its first regular voting day of the session, and Senate Bill 21 (SB21)—which would allow lawful citizens to carry concealed firearms to protect themselves without prior permission—needs your support. 

This bill would extend to New Hampshire residents the same freedom Vermont has honored since its founding, and that 11 states currently recognize: your right, as a lawful, peaceable citizen, to both keep and bear arms in your own defense. The bill has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, and now goes to the full Senate. Similar legislation was vetoed last year by then-Governor Maggie Hassan (D). 

Use Your Power!

New Hampshire residents, please contact your senator in Concord and urge them to vote YES on SB21. You can call or email them directly by clicking here.


Connecticut Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Burst Through Front Door

“When I get my pay and I get my stuff, I don’t want you to come and steal it ’cause I’m going to shoot you …” That’s what Jamaican-born Walden Bunting told WTNH News 8 in New Haven—and unfortunately, that’s exactly what Bunting was forced to do when an intruder pounded on, then kicked in the front door of his home.

Detectives say that Bunting’s neighbor Jorge Ortiz broke into the house around 3:30 a.m. Bunting confronted him, then grabbed his legally registered firearm and shot Ortiz in self-defense. When officers arrived, they found Ortiz laying on the ground and nursing a gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of a non-life threatening injury, and is currently listed in stable condition. After learning of the incident, another neighbor, Vanessa Adams, added, “I keep my phone on me all the time just so I could call 911, and keep the doors locked and windows closed.”

Maj Toure, Colion Noir Call For Dialogue On Race, Guns

In a recent NRATV interview with “CN Live” host Colion Noir, Black Guns Matter founder and frequent A1F contributor Maj Toure made the case for abandoning stereotypes when it comes to both race and the issue of gun ownership. Toure said his experiences speaking with the press about his organization—which was designed to educate inner-city residents on everything from gun safety rules, to firearms law, to conflict-resolution skills—helped prompt him to want to create a dialog between those of different beliefs and races. 

“Division is racial, it’s economic, it’s sociopolitical, it’s all these different things,” the 29-year-old activist told Noir. “And it’s like, ‘OK, the position I’m in is, what box are you going to put me in?’” 

Toure hopes his organization can help eliminate division and bridge the gap between anti-gunners and those suspicious of movements such as Black Lives Matter, but says those goals will be tough to meet without starting an honest conversation between those on opposite sides. “Do you want the dialogue?” he challenged viewers. “Do you want justice and objectivity, or do you just want to complain?”

Comedian Mocks NRA Women Hosts, Kills Them In Video

German “comedian” Oliver Kalkofe recently published a video mocking gun owners, women and our right to bear arms. His tasteless attempt at humor parodied the NRA Women show “Love at First Shot” sponsored by Smith & Wesson. 

Kalkofe began by offering “a big hello to all the countries outside America, where even in the 21st century people aren’t free to shoot at whatever they want.” The video then depicts Kalkofe portraying both series host Natalie Foster and head trainer Julie Golob. But rather than present them as the responsible gun owners that they are, Kalkofe’s sexist and blatantly false portrayal showed them licking the barrel of an AR-15 and mistakenly shooting each other.

This dismal attempt at humor was such a failure that even fans of Kalkofe were disgusted. “So much misinformation,” wrote one. “It could have been funny, but spreading lies is not really entertaining.” Another summed it up with a succinct, “This is pathetic.” To that, we couldn’t agree more.

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