Standing Guard | NRA Members Put Tough Talk Into Even Tougher Action

posted on April 16, 2024

In March, Louisiana and South Carolina became the 28th and 29th states, respectively, to enshrine NRA-backed constitutional-carry laws on the books. In both states, adult citizens will no longer need to seek the government’s permission to carry a concealed firearm and exercise their Second Amendment right to self-defense.

It was my distinct honor to represent you, and millions of our fellow NRA members, as I sat next to Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry as he signed this landmark bill into law.

I must tell you, it’s moments like these that truly crystalize the exceptional nature of the men and women of the National Rifle Association. As I sat there with the governor, I couldn’t help but think of how, not too long ago, less than a handful of states recognized constitutional carry. And now, this vital freedom is alive and well across more than half of our nation.

How did we get here? Simple.

Wherever there is an opportunity to advance freedom, NRA members are there. We don’t just talk the talk, like so many other political organizations. We get to work. We fight. We push our legislators. We show up at townhall meetings. We make phone calls and write letters. We contribute our hard-earned dollars, and those hard-earned dollars manifest themselves into hard-hitting radio spots, targeted online ads, billboards and mailers.

NRA members don’t quit until we cross the finish line. And, while the gun-hating national media chooses to ignore our tremendous victories, that’s okay. We don’t seek the limelight. We seek freedom.

I promise you, our continued effectiveness is not ignored by our allies in elected positions—or our anti-Second Amendment opponents. The latter was on full display last month when President Joe Biden dedicated a portion of his State of the Union Address to bashing NRA members and promising to ban semi-automatic firearms.

”It’s moments like these that truly crystallize the exceptional nature of the men and women of the National Rifle Association.”

He attacked us in this most-public of speeches because he knows if there is one group of people in the country capable of defeating him on Election Day, it’s the men and women of the NRA.

Biden also knows that this summer, the eyes of the nation will be fixated on the U.S. Supreme Court and the most consequential First Amendment case in over 60 years.

This landmark case, brought by your National Rifle Association against Maria Vullo, the former chief of New York’s Department of Financial Services, will decide whether you, me and every American has the freedom to assemble, speak freely and advocate our viewpoints, or if government bureaucrats can abuse their power to silence and shut down any organization they happen to dislike or disagree with.

Make no mistake, this is also one of the most important Second Amendment cases in history. Because you and I both know that, without the freedom to join together under the NRA banner, pool our resources and amplify the voices of tens of millions of Americans who believe in our cause, our gun rights are as good as gone.

Once again, it’s NRA members, doggedly fighting, all the way to the Supreme Court, and refusing to quit until we cross the finish line, achieve justice and secure freedom.

So, the next time someone sees your NRA decal on your car or truck, or your NRA magazine laying on the kitchen table, and asks, “Why are you an NRA member?”— I hope you’ll tell them the plain, honest truth.

Because it isn’t enough for you to believe in the Second Amendment, and it isn’t enough for you to simply want freedom. You choose to play an active role in an organization that puts tough words into even tougher action. You belong to a patriotic group that knows how to fight and win.

Not a single year goes by when NRA members don’t leave an indelible mark on freedom—whether it’s a big legislative victory, monumental win at the Supreme Court or historic Election Day triumph.

As an NRA member, you are a critical component of our collective strength, and you personally can claim credit for everything we achieve. I could not be more grateful for your hard work and sacrifice. We’ve crossed many finish lines for freedom over the years, and several already this year. I look forward to crossing many more with you in the months and years ahead!


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