Texas Dems Forced To Back Off Hasty Anti-Gun Tweet

posted on October 12, 2017

Anti-gun Democrats are well known for trading on tragedy, seldom waiting for facts before trying to gain political advantage.

Enter the Texas Democratic Party, which had to pull and apologize for a tweet made shortly after a troubled Texas Tech University student shot and killed a campus police officer. “Allowing concealed guns on college campuses was a dumb and dangerous idea,” read a tweet from the Texas Democrats’ Twitter account, attempting to tie the shooting to the states’ campus-carry law.

In this case, the murder suspect was 19 years old, and the state of Texas requires a person to be 21 years old and meet several other requirements before receiving a carry permit. Consequently, the two things—the murder and campus carry—were not related in any way.

The best Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia could muster for trading on tragedy was a meek “Our words were inadequate, hurried and we apologize.”


Philip Schreier
Philip Schreier

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