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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Slate.com Calls For Two-Gun Limit For Firearm Owners

In a column published last week at Slate.com, former Brady Campaign staffer Doug Pennington made a plea for a new gun control law that would restrict American gun ownership to only two firearms per person.

“I’m talking about why people are allowed to own more than, say, two firearms without a really good reason,” Pennington wrote. “The easy answer is because that’s how it’s always been.”

Pennington would like to see that changed. He believes anyone who wants to own more than two guns should have to submit fingerprints, a list of the guns he or she wants to purchase and a $200 fee to the ATF, then let that agency decide if he qualifies or not. “… here in 2017, how many firearms does the average American need to competently defend her residence?” he asked. “For whom would, say, a 10-shot semi-automatic pistol and a six-round 12-gauge pump-action shotgun not suffice for home defense?”

Might we suggest the answer is anyone who might have to face violent criminals—who would ignore the two-gun law and any magazine restrictions, just like they ignore all other gun laws.