Legends | The Perfect Gun That’s Fit For A Prince

posted on December 12, 2017
Michael Ives
Photo credit: Michael Ives

The Feinwerkbau Omega 124 shown here is air gun royalty. It was custom-designed in 1989 for the heir to the British throne—Charles, the prince of Wales. 

Master craftsman Don Robinson of Halifax, England, created this single-shot air rifle, and his meticulous attention to detail and skilled artistry is evidenced in the intricate carvings, inlays and engravings. The inlaid marquetry work on the stock features the fleur-de-lis symbol that is the royal symbol of the House of Windsor. Other embellishments include accents of vegetable ivory, fine checkering and engraving on its metal components. 

Photo credit: Michael Ives

Prince Charles later donated this gun to the NRA National Firearms Museum. A note from his secretary that accompanied the gift expressed His Royal Highness’ appreciation for United States assistance with private firearm donations sent for the defense of the British Isles in the early years of World War II. Arms were needed to defend against potential Nazi invasion and, with British people stripped of their guns, America began the “Send a Gun to Defend a British Home” program.

Prince Charles’ air rifle was recently on loan to the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma. It is regularly showcased in the “WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Beyond” gallery at the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia.


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