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Friday, July 28, 2017

Chicago Woman Continues Fight For Local Gun Range

We reported yesterday on how women in Chicago—in response to the city’s out-of-control crime rate—are taking up arms and training to defend themselves and their families. Rhonda Ezell has taken it a step further.

Ezell is the founder of Chicago Guns Matter, and she objected to having to travel hours just to get firearm training, thanks to Chicago’s ban on gun ranges within city limits. As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, Ezell teamed up with the Illinois State Rifle Association and became lead plaintiff in a lawsuit that successfully overturned the ban. But with restrictions on where those ranges can be located ruling out 98 percent of the city, Ezell’s fight goes on.

“Your ZIP code does not dictate what your rights should be,” said Richard Pearson of ISRA. “It takes brave people to do this, like Otis [McDonald] and Rhonda.”

For Ezell, now that she’s trained, she’s looking to pass that knowledge down and has a frequent companion at the gun range—her 6-year-old granddaughter. “I feel like I’ve taught her just about everything else, from cooking to writing to reading and things of that nature,” she said. “Why not take her to the gun range?”

N.D. Permitless Carry Takes Effect Next Tuesday

North Dakota’s permitless carry law will go into effect on Tuesday, marking the culmination of months of effort by pro-gun legislators and citizens.

The permitless carry law was enacted by the passage of House Bill 1169, which was signed by Gov. Doug Burgum in March and makes North Dakota the 12th state to enact permitless carry, also known as “constitutional" carry.

HB 1169 eliminates the requirement of North Dakota residents to obtain a permit to lawfully carry, and makes the current permitting system optional, which will still allow citizens to obtain permits to take advantage of reciprocity agreements with other states.

As pointed out by an update on the NRA-ILA website, a law-abiding adult’s right to defend himself or herself in such situations should not be conditioned by government-mandated time delays and taxes, which has now been remedied in the Peace Garden State.

NYT Readers Up In Arms Over A Black Woman With A Gun

When campus-carry activist and friend of A1F Antonia Okafor published a column in The New York Times defending her right to protect herself with a firearm on school grounds, many readers apparently didn’t like the spectacle of a black woman defending the Second Amendment.

As reported in The Blaze, a number of comments attacked Okafor’s stance. “Yet another argument that relies on emotions, not facts,” one complained. Another asked, “Why carry a gun instead of pepper spray, which will incapacitate an attacker but is not lethal and not a danger to innocent bystanders?” A third reader said that, “As a black person this author should be careful what she wishes for … Blacks continue to be stereotyped as violent, and she’s not helping.”

Your typical NYT reader cares a lot about the abstract concept of social justice, but apparently concrete measures to empower black women rub a lot of them the wrong way. We’re just glad that Antonia is in the habit of not listening to that type of criticism.

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