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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ex-Boyfriend Shot While Violating Protection Order

Polk County, N.C., deputies say that a man ignored a protection order and appeared at his ex-girlfriend’s house—bringing along a baseball bad and a can of gasoline.

Another man who was at home with the woman ventured outside when several dogs began barking, and he recognized an overwhelming odor of gasoline coming from behind his vehicle. That’s when the man found Joshua Cuthbertson—in violation of the order—hiding behind the car.

Cuthbertson attacked the man with the bat, hitting him several times in the head. However, the man had come outside armed and he shot the suspect several times, then took care of him until emergency technicians arrived. WYFF-4 reports that Cuthbertson was treated at a nearby regional hospital, and taken into custody for assault with intent to kill and the protection order violation. No charges were brought against the man at the house, as the shooting was clearly in self-defense.

Liberal Group Helping Anti-Gun Candidates Run For Office

Following the loud and resounding conservative message that was sent at the polls in 2016, a group of liberals has formed Run For Something to recruit young progressives into politics. The organization is looking for diverse candidates who are well-connected and will help to form a Democratic caucus. The criteria, as outlined on the group's website, includes men and women under 35 who are, among other things, anti-gun.

Yesterday, Run For Something announced its first 65 endorsements across 18 states. Candidates are at the local level only—Run For Something is avoiding federal elections—and Politico notes that they are comprised of half women, half non-white, and all are between the ages of 19 and 39.

One of Run For Something’s co-founders is Amanda Litman, who previously served as Hillary Clinton’s email director. The group has the support of Democratic leaders including Mike Blake, Teddy Goff, Jon Carson and Jen O’Malley Dillon, all formerly of the Obama campaign.

Washington Supreme Court Backs Seattle Gun Tax

The Washington state Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Seattle’s punitive tax on guns and ammunition.

The tax includes an extra $25 on every gun sold in the city, and two to five cents on every bullet sold. The justices ruled that the levy fell within the city’s taxing authority and its primary purpose was to raise revenue for “the public benefit.”

While Seattle argues the tax is different than a “regulation,” opponents believe the law violates Washington state law banning cities from regulating firearms. The tax has resulted in not only a reduction in city income, but has chased most gun and ammunition dealers out of the city limits—the original aim of the anti-gun Seattle City Council back in 2015 when they voted for the measure.

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