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Friday, August 4, 2017

Arizona Homeowner Holds Nude Invader At Bay With His Gun

“My wife said, ‘Ty, there's a man in the house.’” And so there was.

A completely nude man had walked into the home of Tyler Plitz through an unlocked door after crawling over the family’s fence. The intruder told Tyler, his wife and their two children—both under 4 years old—that he was “invited” to their home and would pay the homeowner in diamonds. Tempe police investigators say the homeowner then grabbed his firearm and held the suspect at gunpoint while chasing him out of the residence. According to ABC15, the suspect found clothing in an alleyway and got dressed before running away.

The family was understandably upset, with Plitz’s young daughter asking, “Daddy, is the monster gone?” Plitz said he reassured his little girl, and told reporters he would have done whatever was needed to ensure their safety. “You know, if he wouldn't have left, I know that I wouldn't have hesitated to shoot him.”