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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Armed Florida Lawn Worker Drives Away Attempted Robbers

He’s known in Orlando neighborhoods as a hard worker, appreciated for attention to detail in his lawn service. And the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that while he was tending to a lawn last Friday, three men pulled up in a red car, pulled out guns and attempted to rob him.

However, WKMG-TV is reporting that the lawn worker was also armed. He drew his handgun and shot at the suspects, potentially hitting one of the three. Two of the would-be robbers fled in the vehicle, while the third ran behind neighboring homes.

A neighbor, Shay Davis—who is also a firearms instructor—witnessed part of the incident. “I walked out after having a little lunch, and to see this is pretty crazy. He was an armed citizen and he was able to defend himself and get the bad guys and handle himself.” None of the suspects have been apprehended, and the investigation is ongoing.