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NovX Ammunition Creates Liquid Sonic Boom

NovX Ammunition Creates Liquid Sonic Boom

NovX, a new ammunition company, uses a blend of interesting technologies to redefine what you might expect from a defensive round. When the bullet hits any liquid-based product, the projectile’s flutes allow the round to spin so quickly that you end up with a Venturi effect that breaks the liquid sound barrier.

The NovX 9 mm Cartridge combines a stainless-steel case with a copper polymer bullet to create the 9 mm Luger Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense loads, available in +P and standard pressure. At 1,710 feet per second (f.p.s.) and 65 grains, the +P is among the fastest, lightest +P copper poly bullets available. According to NovX, the bullets fly flatter than lead, offer less felt recoil and create devastating wound channels. The cartridge is available in four configurations, including the 1,710 f.p.s. 9 mm Luger ARX +P, $28.99 for a 26-round box; the 1,672 f.p.s. Engagement: Extreme, $27.99 for a 26-round box; the 1,600 f.p.s. RNP Cross Trainer, $27 for a 51-round box; the 1,690 f.p.s. 9 mm RNP +P Cross Trainer, $28.99 for a 51-round box. A +P Combo Pack, including 26 ARX +P EE and 51 RNP +P Cross Trainer, is available for $54.99; novxammo.com

To learn more about NovX, check out this video where American Rifleman staff talk to a company representative and put the cartridge to the test.

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