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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Gun Owners Keep Freedom Alive

Gun Owners Keep Freedom Alive

In a story that will surprise very few America’s 1st Freedom readers, a new study has concluded that gun owners are one of the most politically active voting blocs in the country.

“Part of the reason majority opinions on gun control legislation aren’t turning into policy is that gun owners are a very strong political group who hold a lot of weight and hold a lot of influence despite being a minority in American politics,” said Abbie Vegter, a graduate student at the University of Kansas who worked on the study.

In reality, those who believe the Second Amendment is an individual right that should not be infringed, whether gun owners or not, actually make up a majority of Americans. But Vegter was correct in saying that Second Amendment supporters typically vote in much higher numbers than those who would diminish the right to keep and bear arms. That’s why we have a pro-gun president, House of Representatives and Senate.

Gun owners and other Second Amendment supporters have the chance to prove this point once again on Election Day. Let’s do it.

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