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Cheyenne Dalton Discusses Futility of Gun Control

Cheyenne Dalton Discusses Futility of Gun Control

Competitive shooter Cheyenne Dalton was asked: What would you say when someone criticizes our Second Amendment and wants to pass more gun control laws in the wake of a tragedy, like a school shooting? 

“That’s a tough question. I know that everyone in the gun community feels very sorry for the tragedies that have been happening, but I believe this isn’t a gun problem, it’s a people problem. I don’t think passing more laws will stop bad things from happening. Bad people will always find a way to do others harm. Look at London, England. They’ve banned guns and now London has passed New York City in the number of murders, people are using knives and whatever else they can find to inflict harm on innocent people. I try and show the shooting sports in the best light possible using my social media to show the fun and family friendly nature of shooting.”

Cheyenne Dalton has won numerous state-level titles, as well as two ladies’ limited Rimfire World championship titles. She lives on her family’s farm in Missouri. In her spare time she enjoys playing Bluegrass music with her band, That Dalton Gang. Two of her main objectives include introducing women and girls to the shooting sports and showing the shooting sports in the best light possible. 

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