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Product Roundup: New Releases Make Life a Little Easier, Safer

Product Roundup: New Releases Make Life a Little Easier, Safer


Walker’s XCEL Series Muffs

Walker’s has now officially released news they will be shipping their XCEL Series Muffs. Having tried them myself, the muffs are a sophisticated and well-made piece of hearing protection serious shooters might want to consider investing in. The muffs fit in standard fashion, however they are quite reliable, and come with four listening modes to protect the user’s hearing: Universal, Speech Clarity Mode, Hi Frequency and Power Boost. With an auto-shutoff of two, four or six hours to save on battery life, the headband is made to be comfortable for longer term wear. The series is offered in two forms, with the XCEL 100 and the XCEL 500BT, which includes Bluetooth connection that allows the wearer to stream audio from a cell phone, hear notification alerts and take phone calls.

XCEL 100 MSRP: $99.99

XCEL 500BT MSRP: $149.99


Real Avid’s Universal Smart Mat

In the heat of our excitement or need to fix/clean our firearms, firearm owners might forget to prepare their work surface. For those of us in apartments or rented spaces, having a dedicated work surface can be a challenge. Enter Real Avid and its Universal Smart Mat. Real Avid makes multiple versions of the mat in several sizes to suit a variety of specific needs.

The mat itself is meant to be a universal device for all firearms, according to Real Avid. The pad is 43 inches by 16 inches, with an attached magnetic parts tray to hold all those rolling little metal pieces in one spot for easy containment. The surface is oil-resistant and with that extra padding, the product is designed to take good care of your counter and table surfaces as you work on your guns.

MSRP is $19.99.


SME’s Bullseye Range Camera

SME has an excellent offering for those who enjoy more long-range shooting, or want footage of their shots to improve training. Enter the Bullseye Range Camera and its counterpart, the Bullseye Long Range Camera. The Bullseye is a compact range camera system that can see up to 300 yards—and up to one mile for the long-range system—and allows shooters to track their shot placement. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, the system is easy to carry into and out of the field, as well as designed to transmit the recorded footage via the iTunes and Android systems, as well as being compatible with several versions of Windows operating systems.

Original system: MSRP $349.00

Long-range system: MSRP $649.00

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