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NextLevel Training Offers Practice “Optic”

NextLevel Training Offers Practice “Optic”

If you’ve recently added an optic on your handgun, you’ve probably realized that you have to line up your firearm a little differently to hit the target. Now, you want to get your muscle memory conditioned for that change, but you don’t want to burn through hundreds of live rounds to do it. Well, no need to worry about that now. The NextLevel Training folks—makers of the SIRT training gun—have come out with the SIRT Pistol Optical Trainer, or SPOT, to help.

It’s amazing what a simple piece of plastic can do, but that’s basically what it is—an empty “optic” that mounts to your SIRT training gun. But since you’ll be looking through the optic during your training, you can get used to acquiring the red dot and making sure it’s on target with ease.

Check out the video that the SIRT folks have produced.

If you want an inexpensive way to refine your shooting style to accommodate for the optic, it’s worth a look at an MSRP of $19.99.

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