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Darryl Worley Is NRA Country

Darryl Worley Is NRA Country

A day that changed the world, Sept. 11, 2001, is forever etched into our minds as American citizens. Yet as time passes and new generations grow up, it’s important for us to continue to honor the victims, and educate and remind people why we say “Never Forget.” Although Country star Darryl Worley’s song, “Have You Forgotten” was a huge hit, he’ll be the first to say the meaning behind the song is what’s important. The first lines of the chorus, “Have you forgotten how it felt that day, To see your homeland under fire . …” remain relevant today. When Worley performed at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibit earlier this year, NRA Country’s Vanessa Shahidi asked him a few questions:

VS: What is your favorite outdoor memory?

DW: I will always cherish the memories of whitetail hunting with my father. He absolutely loved it and taught me so much about how to go after the big bucks.

VS: What is your favorite personal firearm?

DW: My involvement with Team Weatherby was one of the most awesome things that ever happened to me. The speed and accuracy of my .257 Weatherby Magnum has stolen my heart. Sometimes I shoot just because I love the way it sounds. I consistently shoot deer with this gun at over 500 yards. I wouldn’t have ever even attempted anything like that before I hooked up with the Weatherby family.

VS: Sept. 11 was a day that impacted all Americans. How did it affect you?

DW: Because we are a military family and intense patriots, I was asked to travel to Afghanistan to entertain our troops the year after Sept. 11. That trip inspired me to write “Have You Forgotten.” We didn’t know what we were tapping into, but the song was No.1 on the charts for 7 weeks. I’m thankful for the success, but more than that God gave us the gift of the song and delivering the message.

Be sure to visit darrylworley.com for more info on the country star, including news about his most recent album, “Second Wind: Latest & Greatest,” with eight hit songs from the past and seven new ones.

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