Nate Hosie Is NRA Country

posted on November 8, 2021

NRA Country prides itself in working with authentic people who love the outdoors, believe in the 2nd Amendment and make good music reflecting their passions. Anyone who has met country artist and outdoors expert Nate Hosie knows he epitomizes these values. When not on stage, you can find Hosie hunting turkey or hosting HeadHunters TV on the Outdoor Channel. NRA Country’s Lisa Supernaugh caught Hosie between hunts to ask him a few questions.

LS: You’ve shared the stage with many country artists. Do you have any favorite memories?
NH: I’ve been blessed to play some awesome shows with some amazing artists. One memory that stands out was during a show with LoCash and Granger Smith at the Great American Outdoor Show. We did a military/law enforcement tribute during “The America I Know” and lined the stage with American flags. I watched the whole arena light up their phones, and it gave me chills!

LS: You’ve taken a number of celebrities hunting. Have any good stories?
NH: I have shared the woods with some awesome artists who are also great hunters. One of my favorite hunts was with Rhett Akins. We had been getting beat up by this turkey out on some of Rhett’s dirt in Tennessee. We slipped in early one morning as the sun came up, the long beard started gobbling. We hit him with a few tree yelps then let him do his thing. He had a pile of hens, and we had set out a strutting decoy. We yelped soft every now and then. Finally, his hens started pulling our way, and he followed. He about ran us over, and Rhett smoked him. We were pumped from an awesome hunt! The coolest part is that we wrote a song together about that hunt a few months later called “Struttin” that is featured on “The Woods” Volume 1 and is one my favorite songs I’ve done.

LS: You’re incredibly patriotic and not afraid to show it. What makes you so proud of our country?
NH: I love the USA with my whole heart and soul. I give thanks to God everyday that I live in America. Thanks to our brave service men and women, law enforcement, firefighters, doctors, nurses, first responders and all who sacrifice so much so that we can live safe and free. I just released a new song called “Stand” dedicated to our flag and all of the brave men and women of the USA. The USA is the greatest country in the world filled with so much good.

LS: What can we expect from Nate Hosie, the music artist?
NH: I’ve been working on “The Woods” Volume 3 and writing some mainstream-style music as well. “The Woods” project has been so much fun. It’s all songs dedicated to men and women who love this country, hunting and the outdoors.

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