Charlie Daniels is NRA Country

posted on March 7, 2020

NRA Country has been fortunate to work with some iconic names in country music, including Charlie Daniels, who is undoubtedly one of the most legendary artists in all of music. Best known for his hit, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” the Grammy Award winner and Grand Ole Opry member has sold millions of albums and concert tickets, and was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016. Daniels is a proud Second Amendment supporter and is quick to stand tall and speak out on behalf of the NRA. Despite his many accolades, perhaps the most admirable trait is his dedication to our veterans. Daniels has performed for our troops on countless USO Tours, and cofounded the Journey Home Project with his long-time manager David Corlew. The organization is focused on helping our soldiers return home, rehabilitate and reintegrate. NRA Country’s Vanessa Shahidi was fortunate to grab a few minutes of Daniels’ time to learn more about the music legend.

VS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?

CD: I have a lot of favorites. My favorite concealed carry is a .357 revolver. I love the dependability of a wheelgun. I do quite a bit of target shooting and have five Browning Buckmark .22 pistols and 20 10-round magazines and an old Remington pump .22. Sometimes I’ll fire several hundred rounds a day.

VS: What is your favorite outdoor memory?

CD: Sitting around a fire waiting for the coon dogs to tree, listening to the hunting stories and tall tales the men told.

VS: If you had a day off from touring and could spend it outdoors, what would you do?

CD: I do have time off occasionally and have been to the One Shot Antelope Hunt in Lander, Wyo. I’ve also been large-mouth bass fishing in Florida and fished the Kenai River in Alaska for the king and silver salmon runs. I’d like to visit them again.

VS: What are you currently working on musically?

CD: My next project will be a Southern Rock approach to Southern Gospel music with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.

Charlie Daniels will perform a special concert for NRA members in Nashville at the 2020 NRA Annual Meetings. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or

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